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Donald Sutherland as Rosario Sarracino
F. Murray Abraham as Entita'
Greg Wise as Francesco Doni
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by demosthenes_prime 6 / 10

sort of JFK for italy

Piazza delle cinque luna, is an Italian political thriller, which takes a fictional approach to a real event. Focusing, upon the true story of the kidnapping and ultimate death of Italian political leader Aldo Moro, the film imagines a regional judge (played by Donald Sutherland) discovering clues that lead him to a vast conspiracy. Despite fast pacing, interesting (though strangle dubbed) acting , and brilliant cinematography the film fails to transpose itself to wider international stage.

Basically, unless you happen to know something about Italian politics of the 1970s, it is rather like (what I imagine) would be the experience of a Martian watching a fictional film about the assassination of JFK: one is baffled by a mass of evidence in amazing detail- from info about the type bullets, to who kept the sink running in adjacent apartment. (All of which, incidentally, characters apparently pull out of their underpants in the form of files with surreal amounts of information.) Yet, unless one knows enough about the actual history to sort fact from fiction (or to be deeply interested in the tragedy which inspired the story), it strikes one as incompressible jumble of strange and irrelevant facts.

I would only recommend it to a person teaching a course in Italian politics, or who was willing to do some advance googling on the subject, and then I would warn this person that the over all plot is very predictable and the political conspiracy naive. This is too bad because the cinematography and the overall concept are both excellent.

The only reason I rated it as high as I did, is because I appreciate the feeling of dreamlike alienation it caused, but this is clearly not for everyone.

Reviewed by Iaia76 7 / 10

Good idea, not so good result

On March 16th 1978, Aldo Moro, Italian MP and president of the Christian Democrats Party (DC) is kidnapped by Brigate Rosse, a communist terrorist group. All members of his escort are killed. Aldo Moro was kept prisoner for 55 days before being killed and his body abandoned in a Red Renault 4 in via Caetani, in the centre of Rome, halfway between the DC's headquarter and the Communist Party's (PCI) headquarters. The official story is that the kidnap and the consequent murder has been a political act from Brigate Rosse.

There have been several enquiries on the matter but to date there is no official and plausible truth. Everyone who has been in contact with this "matter" has been killed, some times through spectacular murders some other times through "accidents". The other people who posted a comment are right: this is a sort of Italian JFK. Unfortunately I am not sure that that is could have been a similar movie. Italy did not have a Jim Garrison who actually pursued the case. A couple of Parliamentary Investigations, a handful of court trials to the terrorists involved along with the official investigation but nothing that could be turned into another JFK.

The movie is OK. Although I have to confess I was expecting something better. The actors are really good and the plot plausible. A judge (D. Sutherlnad) about to retire receive a mysterious super8 movie about the logistic of Aldo Moro's kidnap. The judge, along with a younger colleague (S. Rocca) and his bodyguard (G. Giannini), tried to find the answer to what really happened that day and who benefited from all that. The theories "thought" in this movie (the terrorists incongruent testimonial, the links to other excellent death…) can be found in the books written by Sergio Flamigni, one of the MP in the Parliamentary Commission created to investigate the matter. However I have the feeling that here the information is fed to the viewer without a logical sequence resulting a bit sketchy and possibly a bit difficult to follow for those who haven't got some knowledge of the facts.

Aldo Moro's story has all the fact of a good thriller and conspiracy theory: CIA, Vatican, the Mossad, the Masonic element of P2 who controlled all operations during those 55 days, and a mafia involvement. It seems that everyone was actually interested not to let Aldo Moro to make a deal with the Communists in order to maintain a delicate political balance that could have change the European history.

If you have some interest in Italian situation in the '70ies you might like the idea of the movie although it probably won't add any new element to your knowledge. If you don't, it still is a decent thriller, very well acted and directed although the end is of no surprise if you have a sharp eye.

Reviewed by dbborroughs 5 / 10

Okay thriller will leave you lost if you don't know about the murder of Aldo Moro

On the eve of retirement a respected and fair minded honest judge is given a film of the murder of Aldo Moro. Troubled by what he sees and by strange events around him the judge begins to investigate what really happened to Moro.

This is a well acted but run of the mill thriller. Donald Sutherland as the judge is good, as always, but he is given very little to do other than move from place to place to reveal the next plot point (in more than one sense). The problem is that unless you know what happened to Moro and what that meant for Italy you're going to be left out in the cold for a good chunk of this film. I'm not saying that you can't enjoy the film not knowing what happened, you can, its just that the deeper implications will be lost. I myself was lost, since the Moro murder was so long ago and effected me very little here in the US. I wish they had taken a page out of Oliver Stone's JFK and constructed the film in such away that it brought you into the story and the events in such away that you didn't know you were being spoon fed. There is no effort to tell you anything, it just throws you in. Its disappointing.

This should have been a good thriller and instead its just okay. If Aldo Moro and his death are well known to you you then odds are you'll find this a better movie. If Moro means nothing to you this is just another political thriller based on real events saved by good performances.

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