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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by casablanca 9 / 10

A superb, gripping movie you'll never forget.

This movie proves that, like giving birth, even inexperienced, poorly funded and virtually unknown independent individuals can produce a masterpiece. Once you have seen this movie, you will never forget it. A "Day After" movie that will have you mentally holding your breath hoping these five people will be able to start rebuilding the human race and repopulate the earth. But wait, these are not special hand picked superior examples of humanity. They are common everyday people who bring their own baggage to their situation. Racism, lust, suspicions, envy, pride, you name it. Will humanity survive, and learn, or will they follow the same path that led inexorably to the final conflict that laid waste to the planet. A similar movie, "The World, The Flesh and The Devil" with Harry Belafonte and Inger Stevens while very good, in my view, doesn't achieve the stark realism of "FIVE"

Reviewed by dinky-4 7 / 10

Little seen, little remembered, but still a landmark

Post-nuclear-war dramas centering on a small group of survivors now constitute an entire genre in science-fiction films. All of them, in some way or another, can be traced back to this seminal film from 1951 in which five people deal with the possibility they are the only human beings left alive on the planet.

While most of the later movies exploited this possibility for B-movie thrills, "Five" adopts a quiet, contemplative tone which some may find dull but which thoughtful viewers are more likely to find, for want of a better word, haunting. There is something about this movie which gets under the skin and which lurks in the corners of the mind long after it's over.

Especially memorable is the trip to the city made by two of the survivors. The images of skeletons sitting in cars and buses still have an impact with their silent, disturbing, even horrifying beauty.

Some of the musical score now seems obtrusive and the dialog tends, at times, toward the pretentious -- perhaps a lingering effect from Arch Oboler's radio background -- but this low-budget, no-name, black-and-white production remains a landmark film which richly deserves to be rediscovered and honored.

Reviewed by cowgills-47097 10 / 10

We own and watch it a lot My Husband was the Baby in movie

I find it sad, my husband got no credits for this movie, He was not the new born baby. He was the baby she carried around with her to the city looking threw the hospital and they showing him dead along the creek...Now if you really watch it when he is dead his foot moves..HAHAHA we always get a laugh, they placed him next to Charles.. He was 3 or 4 months old. while his family was at the beach for the day, Arch Obler pulled over in his car and asked if he would could play in his movie, family said yes. his mom drove him out to the set everyday...James Kenneth Cowgill Jr..He was paid 395.00 for his part and family bought a new car...We love seeing old calif ..

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