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Action / Drama / Thriller

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Dania Ramirez as Camilla
Jefferson Brown as Bryan Tadman
Adam Butcher as Dermot Hayes
Graham Abbey as Spencer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bigbangtheory57 7 / 10

Not a Bad Movie

This is a pretty good movie, especially for people that enjoy medical dramas like Grey's Anatomy.

The acting of the main female EMT is pretty solid, as well as the acting of the two criminals. The non wounded criminal knows his role in the situation and is convincingly motivated by his wounded brother. The male EMT is choppy at times but all-around okay.

As the lead, she does very well. She tries to balance making it out of the situation with giving proper medical care. The action seems to flow very well, with the events seeming to unfold in a convincing manner.

I don't understand the hate given by some of the other reviewers, it's not the best movie in the world but for an evening movie to watch with some popcorn, it's not a bad pick at all.

Reviewed by loueymc 8 / 10

Kept me gripped!!!

I really enjoyed this movie, was great to see Dania Ramirez play a confident and no nonsense character. I've watched her in Devious Maids and although that show is very entertaining and Dania Ramirez's acting is spot on, she plays a much more weak willed character in that and one who constantly struggles with her morals...whereas in this movie, we see a whole different side to her. It was refreshing. Though I guess that's a sign that she's a good Actress, one capable of playing varied roles as there are many Actors/Actresses who often play a similar role in most of their movies. This movie kept me gripped from the beginning and I would more class it as genre type Thriller/Drama, as opposed to just Drama. Drama's have very little action in them, whereas this had quite a bit. Kristopher Turner's character was well played as well, playing the other dutiful Paramedic but also battling with trying to do the right thing and avoid getting them both killed, knowing he has a family who depend on him at home and cannot afford any have anything to happen to him, but at the same time being concerned with his 'lack of edge' as man...which forced his partner to be the one to enforce the difficult choices and basically be the one to attempt defence attacks on the kidnappers. It was also nice that the movie had a bit of a twist at the end with Adam Butchers character, not a major one, but a twist none-the-less.

All in all, I'd say this movie is definitely worth a watch and an enjoyable one at that

Reviewed by kandiman1224-704-141618 7 / 10

Flawed but fun

Saw this while browsing the movies on Bigscreen VR and it caught my attention. Some of the situations make you wonder if that is how it would go in real life, the writing is a little flawed there. Whether it is the likeable paramedics backed by excellent actors or the tense situation they've been placed into, something had me invested in seeing things play out safely. The movie really likes keep you feeling like somebody can die at each scene.. all in all worth a watch.

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