Find Your Voice

2020 [CN]

Drama / Music

IMDb Rating 5 10 27

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by madbird-61243 10 / 10

Hope to lift the rating

My friend told me this is a fantastic story. I watch it and does not find it an amazing one, but surely a rating of 4.8 is incredibly low. The story is far from captivating, just follow the formular of a teacher-inspiring-student movie. But with the presence of Andy Lau, you will have a guaratine of certain quality. The setting, the school campus, the costume, and as small as the music score file are all well chosen. The role of parents, headmaster, director of school, enemy conductor are all acted by famous star. For foreigners, in fact the enemy conductor is actually a true music director. I cannot say that it is very impressing, but surely it got a passing rate.

Reviewed by toskomst 5 / 10

Conductor Andy Lau teaches a choir in saccharine drama.

Andy Lau has played all sorts of characters throughout his career. So why not an orchestra conductor? He's supposed to be an inspiring teacher, anyway, leaving his position and global recognition in the U.S. to return to Hong Kong to whip a local choir into shape.

He starts by getting them to wash the classroom. They have to cross the athletic field with their legs tied together to strengthen the sense of unity. And so on. The boys and girls in the choir are mostly teenagers conveniently given single personality traits (the autist, the rich kid, the worthless bum, etc.) to make us see their development in vignettes progressing through the movie.

In short, Lau does what Mr. Miyagi did to teach the Karate Kid. Or what Robin Williams did in "Dead Poets Society". Or Richard Dreyfuss in "Mr. Holland's Opus". All these films are manipulative in their own way, but his one oversells it, at times feeling disturbingly artificial. It sounds as if the actors get their lines directly from Xi Jinping and the rest of the party. (It didn't help that I saw the Mandarin version, where people always sound as if they're reading from the phone directory anyway.)

The director, Adrian Kwan, made "Little Big Master" (2015) about teachers trying to save a kindergarten from bankruptcy. This is essentially the same movie with a choir instead. Kwan's first exercise in melodrama had real emotional impact, however, while this one is nothing but sugary sweet and far removed from the realities of life.

Andy Lau might inspire some attention with his star qualities as a formal and educated conductor. But that's all.

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