2020 [ITALIAN]


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ops-52535 8 / 10

i didnt like this...

But i LOVED IT. the 3 reviews so far has been negative, and that must obviously be due to young age and no experience with kids. because this is a film that especially will be reckognised by parents with 2 kids with preferably some years between the kids, where the baby days has been forgotten, routines are very well incorporated and life is fryd and gammen.

but its also a study of italian , and for most of the european continent ''child friendly'' or refrase not so well adapted political arrangements for bringing kids to the world. its also a look at the changes in familystructures in the western hemisphere, where the greater family has been diminished and less important and where raising children has become a task for the ultra core part of the family. everything does have a price, it maybe a national policy problem or a welfare state problem to encourage people to make the babies, but where the political instruments as free kindergarden and childrens benefits are a lackluster, because being maternal aint full pension or free of cost.

my experience as a parent has large similarities with the main caracters of this film . due to being medical nurses working shifts, and the timetable had to be stitched and heaved on everytime something new happened.everytime the plan collapsed i almost faded away from anxiety. having number 3 was the greatest challenge due to cronic disease and did put our marriage at stake quite a few times. and as a man i felt extreme emphaty with the male caractter for not being given gratitude for his work, cause genetically men arent meant to raise a kid at a general basis, because wife and mum in laws do always know best. what men becomes with babies is to become calm and weary lurking around avoiding all the squeeking parts of the floor tiles and all the time evade situations where a flame may burst into a fire. so being a parent is a tough job, but somebodys got to do it...

the film is thematiced in 9 parts, using music to amplify the emotional specter, and a fine use of greenscreening to project on the objects. its story is told in a fun way and acted in a funny manner. so if youre expecting baby numero doe or you are grandparent getting even more grandchildren, have a look at figli , the fight to survive the child. a recommend from the grumpy old man

Reviewed by domenicomartucci 1 / 10


One of the worst films I've ever seen... very annoying, only Mastrandrea tries to save this horrible film with his good acting. 1 star

Reviewed by lallo-2 5 / 10

Un mix di sensazioni, bassissime considerazioni ed ottimi spunti

8 per la scelta della "convenzione" musicale.

8 per il passaggio sull'eterna lotta generazionale genitori figli e figli genitori toccando i temi del boom e delle pensioni

2 per il trito e ritrito tema della donna emancipata a casa mentre l'uomo lavora. Non se ne può più, il cinema italiano tutto è ormai indietro di 20-30 anni rispetto al resto del mondo

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