Fatal Flip


Action / Thriller

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Tatyana Ali as Roslyn
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by phd_travel 4 / 10

Unintentionally funny

It's about time they made a movie about a nightmare contractor - there is potential. A foolish couple decide to buy an old house and fix it and flip it within 45 days. Yeah 45 days. They get the help of a contractor they met at a hardware store who turns out to be a psycho. Of course there are lots of tools around to dismember with.

The cast isn't stellar. Remember Dominique Swain who had some big roles as a youngster ? She plays one half of the couple. Tatyana Ali from Fresh Prince plays her friend. The contractor isn't that hot but the guy of the couple looks suitably foolish.

This story could have been better. Not a must see.

Reviewed by edwagreen 6 / 10


A very highly predictable Lifetime drama where a guy kills his wife by smothering her inside a wall. He then goes around and finds another couple who have bought a house with the intention of selling it so as to garner a profit.

Naturally, the guy gets hired to help with the work. As this is a Lifetime film, he gets overly friendly with the woman's best friend and tragedy results when she discovers his sordid past.

He then comes on to our heroine, but by the film's end, after he has fled from our couple, he starts anew with two new victims as the film concludes.

Did this couple actually think that they could live happily ever after they flip their house?

Reviewed by connolley325 3 / 10

Boring and scattered

This movie was pretty bad. These people purchase a home to flip, quitting both their jobs, but do not possess a tool between them. They supposedly want to flip the house in 45 days but you hardly see them do much work or see any sense of urgency. Once they hire the psycho contractor, you see him sabotage a lot of things in the house like major electrical lines but it barely phases the home owners. Near the end, you see the contractor knocking down what looks like load-bearing columns in the basement but you never see anything happen with that either. Very little seems to have been done to the house but near the end they say it's near completion. They also left the front door unlocked all the time. Stupid bad movie! Don't waste your time.

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