Fallen Stars


Action / Comedy / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 29%
IMDb Rating 5.6 10 324


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Michelle Ang as Daisy
Ryan O'Nan as Cooper
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lediscipledessocrates 7 / 10

Pleasant and Worth Watching

Away from the humdrum and fan fare of big budget cinema lie these Fallen Stars. There is something very authentic about this movie, despite a familiar story-line.

I on my part love movies that deal with real issues concerning ordinary individuals. The director does extremely well in doing so here.

There are no twists and turns. No unwanted cameos of melodrama. The actors play to the script , which is well written.

The movie also bears witness to the adage that a little awareness can transform very basic acting performances into effective ones.

The movie moves at a leisurely pace, in line with the general theme of the plot . The characterisation is good and the setting soothingly plain.

If you watch it without any expectations ( which is the way life too should be lived) you will stumble upon a fine movie .

Reviewed by cekadah 10 / 10

Quiet despair

Most people live in quiet despair wondering just where their lives are going and are they ready for the next challenge.

Here in Fallen Stars we are given a look into the life of two people that have reached that point in life in which a change must take place. But both fear making that change and living their current daily life is just too comfortable to step out of. The loneliness is less of a discomfort than making the move to change their lives.

Cooper (Ryan O'Nan) has been bartender in the same bar for 10 years, Daisy (Michelle Ang) has written a best seller book and is obviously lost for ideas for another book. These two meet and intuitively see the emptiness in each others existence. But opening their heart to another is not an easy thing for them to share.

This wonderful film is quiet and repetitive and withdrawn into itself - just as the two characters are in their life. Writer/directed Brian Jett has created a story that is more reflective of the general public than the general public is willing to admit.

Reviewed by flashlightreview 6 / 10

A hidden gem of realistic melodramas

I look for new movies to watch with the help keywords searches - the keyword that lead me to this excellent film was "ivy league". Even though that is not the main plot and this is not a college themed movie, it is a great find nonetheless.

The two leads are from different social classes, and under normal circumstances they would have never met. After frequent run-ins at the bar they become friends. Meeting new friends is not easy when you are an adult and you constantly re-assess whether you can trust someone new.

"Fallen Stars" is a title describing people who had a fall from grace. They either peaked or failed in life, and now have no idea what to do next. While the movie focuses on building this new, fragile friendship between the leads, the romantic chemistry is very visible. They communicate without speaking much - just like a real couple would be able to.

The anxiety, melancholy, loneliness and boredom are hallmarks of our times and can be felt throughout the movie.

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