Action / Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.3 10 156

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by sahlgoode 4 / 10

It's no TEN.

Once again, after sifting through the bogus reviews that rate this a TEN I found myself asking "What do these people watch?" It's certainly not the movie they're reviewing.

This is not Gone with the Wind, or Citizen Kane, but it is watchable. It's your basic Zombie format that hasn't changed much since Night of the Living Dead. It differs only in the character build up. You want this family to survive. Points for that.

Watch it when you're in the mood for a Zombie movie, and you'll get more out of it. Otherwise you'll be disappointed.

Reviewed by zathan-32848 2 / 10

Nope. not worth it

Gave this a chance, but halfway in i had to turn it off. There is nothing happening its like a very long episode of walking dead with less action and lower production quality.

Reviewed by ops-52535 2 / 10


Or forget it and leave. Its a virus making mad people mader, and the preppers getting lots of water on their ground rules of life, stay and protect, prepped and armed till armageddon or ragnarokk blows out the kindle of life, because its a film like that, with unwashed hair and silly hairdo and headhats, the animalistic testosteronic swines of the woods attacking. The small cast of dollies and dimples have a fun weekend at uncle mac's shack out in nowhere where your only and lonely friend is called mr frost, where normal order of domestic household is a dying trend and where weaponry is the only thing protecting you against all the other autoimmune hudlums coming for your sorely save canisters of food and medicine...

no, this is as intelligent screenplaywriting as as a pavlovian chimpanze couldve done better. Its daft and dull exhaust on reburn since the first 30-40 years ago, the acting is like a spike in the eye, and the poor kid is ordered to shut up, and dad continues growling at a high pitch, thats stupid inconsistence of survival techniques.

The best part of all is the few scenic nature clips of snow and frost the rest is just fearless and not worth your time, inless youre a prepper, as the grumpy old man aint.

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