Extraordinary: The Seeding



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Henry Zebrowski as Narrator
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ivananagyfife 1 / 10

Nonsense Sells

The amount of uneducated people makes the fact missing, worthless movies like this receive a good rating, and people would do anything to make a dime... It's worse than Maria crying blood-tears in Italian pilgrimage sites.

Reviewed by infessted 1 / 10


C'mon guys and gals- do you really believe these people? Clearly some of them believe they saw something or experienced something, but I do not believe ANY of these people were abducted by aliens-and it's always the 'greys'- why is that lol? I consider myself a very good judge of character having worked in communication fields most of my life; all of these people seem lonely or mentally disturbed in some way- and I don't mean that offensively at all. I believe in other intelligent life but I do not believe they would have any interest in our highly flawed species. One girl in particular with the dark hair is clearly lying imo, and judging by her photos on IMDB, is seeking fame and recognition- it's painfully obvious. Sorry, I didn't believe Whitney Streiber- he was a fiction writer before he started writing about alien abductions- doesn't that ring the alarm for 'fraud'? Exactly.

Reviewed by lily_avan 6 / 10

This documentary is a good intro if you're new to The Alien Agenda

It's a good intro to some of the Alien agenda. It is quite incomplete though. It could have been elaborated more in depth on the negative alien agenda, the syphoning of life force - the depth of manipulation, mind control on this planet for 26000 years. Most humans are hybrids; we had to be mixed with some of these Aliens to be seeded back on the new planet when we blew up our previous planet through Orion Electric wars. We had damaged, fragmented and spliced our DNA. But then they (draconians, reptilians and few other races) decided to take over our conciousness through the tyrant False Gods (Yaweh, Thot...) by power, manipulation and control. Hence we are still living in the matrix. We must reclaim our Sovereign freedom back. For further research and insight on Galactic Histories look up Lisa Renee''s work on Energetic Synthesis

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