Evil Alien Conquerors


Action / Comedy / Sci-Fi

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 997


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Michael Weston as Kenny
Tyler Labine as Croker
Diedrich Bader as My-ik
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lance-90 8 / 10

Some really funny stuff

Usually when I like a comedy I'll laugh a few times, but not all that often. This movie had me laughing as hard as any I can remember. It helped that I was in a room with several other like-minded guys who also found it hilarious.

Some of the things in EAC are thoughtful, too. I especially liked it when Kroker came to earth and acted as though he was still 100 feet tall, and when he went to attack M'ik and D'ug they were cowering on the floor before him, waiting to be crushed under his mighty foot. It's funny because it's true: often we cower in fear of people who don't really have the power over us they think they do, just because it's how we are used to thinking of them.

And Kroker doing infomercials was awesome!

Reviewed by katalen 9 / 10

Funny, funny classic b-type movie

This movie is about two "evil alien conquerors" who must behead every human on earth within 2 1/2 days or a giant from their planet will come and behead them AND everyone on Earth. Now, it's not for everyone, I know. But it is SO FUNNY just because of it's absurdities. For instance, Crokar (the GIANT from their home planet) comes out of the portal the same size as everyone else, but he still thinks he's GIANT. (watch the movie and you'll see why I capitalize that.) Basically, it's a slightly absurd, stupid movie that you have to laugh at. My friends and I joked about it for hours (and still do). It's a great movie to see with friends.

Reviewed by Daynera 10 / 10

Enthused For EAC!

If you're not into movies that are so stupid, they're funny... don't watch this movie. It's strictly for those, who enjoy a good no brainer film once in a while. OR die hard fans of this sort of comedy. Now, when I say stupid, I mean this with the utmost respect. The more I watch this movie, the more I like it and I REALLY liked it the first time. Helps that I'm a big huge fan of Diedrich Bader.

I'm not going to go into detail about the movie, simply because it needs to be seen to be appreciated. Remember, don't expect Oscar winning performances from anyone, just enjoy it for what it is. A good, stupid movie. Otherwise, you will die in agony. You will die begging for mercy and they will gladly provide it. Evil Alien Conquerors, THEY RULE!

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