Erin Brockovich


Action / Biography / Drama

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Certified Fresh 84%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 81%
IMDb Rating 7.4 10 179670


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Julia Roberts as Erin Brockovich
Aaron Eckhart as George
Albert Finney as Ed Masry
Scarlett Pomers as Shanna Jensen
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by cathness 10 / 10

A rare perfect ten--this movie has everything.

Maybe this movie is not the right choice for action fans, but that is the only restriction of my otherwise fullest recommendation for this movie. It has everything, ranging from real-life documentary through love story via comedy to tragedy. And it is so lovingly done, and played so well. And it also has a wonderful soundtrack. To all the non-English Europeans: Get the DVD or original VHS, because the dubbed translated versions aren't quite like the original in terms of atmosphere created.

Reviewed by nzpedals 10 / 10

Great story, with great casting too. Great directing, acting, production.

It doesn't take long to realise that this is a great movie. Everything looks so real, and so it should seeing that it is a true(ish) story, but all the minor roles have great actors too. There are lots of instances where little mannerisms make it real. My guess is that Erin wrote most of the dialogue?

Besides the real Brockavich, the real Ed Masry comes on the DVD bonus, and shows how good the casting of Albert Finney, and his acting, are and how much he contributed to the successful outcome of EB's efforts. Ed is so tolerant of Erin's apparent disregard for the norms of a legal practice, it is a bit hard to accept that he is for real! But he must have been. Also on the DVD is Erin (the real one) saying how surreal is the 30-second scene where she is the waitress, and then Julia saying that it is about "inhabiting the concept, not imitating". So true, and that is what makes really great actors, ie, JR.

The story of corporate carelessness and a small-town lady who found out that the water was contaminated and decided to do something about it in spite of heavy lawyers who do whatever the client says, might give others the incentive to do their own action? 'hope so.

Although this is a huge legal battle, there is very little of that shown - good idea, courtroom stuff can be so boring and irrelevant. We do see the judge deliver a judgement on a procedural matter, that is all that matters, and the no doubt long legal arguments are ignored all together. Good.

Reviewed by sandnair87 9 / 10

Julia Roberts is Fiercely Dynamic in the Smart and Savvy Erin Brockovich!

Steven Soderbergh's Erin Brockovich opens with a car accident. The vehicle driven by Erin, an unemployed, twice-divorced mother of three, is broadsided by a speeding car at an intersection. She takes her case to a rumpled, cowed lawyer Ed Masry, who agrees to represent her on a contingency basis. However, in court, Erin's surly manner and blasphemous vocabulary do not endear her to the jury, which finds itself in the defendant's favor, as Erin goes home empty-handed. Still without work and needing to pay her bills, Erin, who has no demonstrable skills, but a passion, an uncommon quantity of common sense, and a defiant way of talking, finagles her way into a position as a file clerk under her former attorney.

It is in this capacity that she uncovers, entirely by accident, a paper trail leading to the town of Hinkley, CA, where an endless stream of residents have been diagnosed with various medical conditions including cancer, disintegrating spinal cords and brain damage. It turns out that the community of Hinkley has been poisoned by hexavalent chromium, leaching into the drinking water from the Pacific Gas and Electric (PG&E) plant. The case is especially odious because PG&E knew exactly what it was doing but lied about what kind of chromium it was using. Erin gains the trust of the community to mount legal action and strong-arms Ed to put together a case that would win the largest direct claim settlement in American history, even as her personal life is threatened by her devotion to the case.

Steven Soderbergh tests Erin's limits of likability numerous times throughout the movie. An early scene is designed to show what a short fuse Erin has when she explodes in a torrent of profanity in the courtroom. Erin, the film makes clear early on, is no sentimental crusader. Rather, she is a tough, hard-nosed cookie who dresses like a hoochie and who would use anything from here heavily coiffured hair to her cleavage or also her baby to get what she needs. In short, Erin is adrift in a hard world. But what makes this potentially despicable character so affable is Julia Roberts' vulnerable and fiercely dynamic performance. As the eponymous character, she is undoubtedly the heart and soul of the film. As a foil for Erin, Albert Finney draws out a complex, engaging performance that is as warm as it is funny. Their scenes together crackle with chemistry and it's a joy to see this kind of male/female interaction where there is absolutely no hint of sexual attraction.

Soderbergh infuses the proceedings with a vibrant, almost peppy sense of style that would not have been half as compelling had a less edgy director helmed it. It would have been easy for him to have allowed Erin Brockovich to descend into manipulative melodrama, but he resists that path of least resistance, instead giving us a film that is smart, savvy, funny, and, at times, poignant.

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