Horror / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.6 10 2017

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Charlotte Riley as Kate Hansen
Dervla Kirwan as Ruth Peacock
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by devils_neighbor_667 7 / 10


Above Average horror movie with a creepy setting and a clever idea behind it!

Reviewed by Gladys_Pym 8 / 10

Really scary - doesn't fall for the "More gore" trap

Interesting, isn't it, how some films divide opinion? I really liked this film. There's a decent back-story - in fact two decent back-stories, to be accurate. Good cast, with one or two established actors and a couple of decent new finds. There are a number of gripes about found footage - well, it's not a found footage film, it's actually a beautifully shot horror film, with a few bits of found footage, which imho fit very well to up the tension. I think one of the main 'difficulties', though not for me, is that that the director/writer Steve Stone hasn't fallen for the post-Saw generation of boy-pleasing gore films. This isn't a gore film. It's a horror film, and a really good one, at that. So if you are prepared to sit back, (if you can do that while spending much of the film on the edge of your seat), and watch a really fine film but with a low tits and gore count, then I recommend this film wholeheartedly.

Reviewed by karizmajill 9 / 10

Nice simple horror film

I love scary movies and this was very scary! lots of jumps and the people in the film actually did sensible things which was a nice change. Acting is great - the main documentary girl looked really sincerely freaked out when all the bad things happened. I have no idea why this is rated so low, maybe people have been brainwashed into thinking a simple storyline in a freaky empty building in the middle of the Siberian forest is not complicated enough for a horror film?

So if you like scary films that have normal people in them just getting into horrific situations through no real fault of their own, I recommend this film. Scary good.

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