Endless Love


Drama / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 28%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 51%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 7519


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James Spader as Keith
Jami Gertz as Patty
Mark Arnold as Patient
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by jrbrowzer 9 / 10

Endlessly Intriquing

Saw this movie when it came out and have watched it a few times since then. Really interesting to apply the mentality of today to a film which was made in an entirely different era. The late 70s was an era of experimentation which is reflected in the film. It would not make sense in today's context. Kudos to the young actors who showed how a first love can become an obsession. I think given her age, Brooke Shields did a great job with showing how out of control an immature relationship can get. The movie makes me remember a time when you could explore without being branded, grow without being labeled.

Reviewed by goldenholden37 7 / 10

loved it

I don't know what everyone was talking about. This movie is great. I'm shocked at the low review and glad it didn't keep me from watching this movie, even though it almost did. I do agree that the performance left much to be desired, but they did have passion for each other. It was just the acting... Anyway, I didn't read the book and I think that was where the problem laid with a lot of people. It's rare that you will read the book and then watch the movie and be satisfied. Especially if it's a book you love. I'm glad I went into it not knowing much about it.

I do have to say how teed off I am about the huge spoiler in the description which tells what David did to the house, like WTHeck?! That doesn't even happen until halfway into the movie,Jesus!

Anyway, good watch. I will definitely watch it again and read the book. It was a beautiful tragedy.

Reviewed by madamemoviemonsterheart 1 / 10

Rotten Romance

I remember reading the book about 4 years ago and really liked it so if I forgot something from it I apologize. I understand that certain things in the movie must change from the book but sadly it you make changes the change has to make sense. This didn't happen.

1. These two leads are terrible! I can honestly say that Edward and Bella had more things to say than this. They at least had a conversation about science together. David and Jade just like saying how much they love each other and how they couldn't be apart from one another. That's it. There is no character development from them and no reason for them to stay together. Plus no offense to the actors but there not good at playing these roles. Maybe it's the directors fault but it still is terrible. David is unpleasant to watch which was part of the book but they should have at least made him understanding enough for the audience which sadly he isn't and makes his role as leading male disturbing. Jade is just a whiny teenage girl that I've seen before.

2. The side characters are obnoxious and eerie to watch. The dad is totally crazy, the mother is honestly one of the more frightening mother roles I've ever seen, the other characters are dull and the only one who deserves the one star I'm giving this movie is James Spader. He did a pretty good performance for what he was given.

3. The story is just a mess of problems. Why didn't the dad throw David off his property since technically he was trespassing and refusing to leave? Why did the judge say he couldn't contact Jade yet David is seen sending her letters? Why didn't the dad do anything when he saw naked David in his daughters room and then she went in with only a towel on? Yeah, motivations in this movie are apparently just silly myths.

This could've been a good movie. I could see potential behind it but sadly this movie fell flat on its face. The romance doesn't work, the characters don't work and sadly the story doesn't work. When those three things don't work in a romance movie you sadly have a bad movie.

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