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John Leguizamo as Victor Rosa
Isabella Rossellini as La Colombiana
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by rmax304823 6 / 10

The Lack Of Money Is The Root Of All Evil.

Well, as Dorothy Parker said, "If you want to know what God thinks of money, just look at the people he gave it to." Leguizamo is a major doper in the barrio who leads one gang among several rival gangs. He's unlettered, clever without being particularly smart. He dresses like everyone else in his Bronx neighborhood, like a gangsta. He has troubles of course, confronting rivals and the rest of the "Public Enemy" and "Little Caesar" business, but he's pretty happy living with his girl friend, Delilah Cotto, who is no glamorized Hollywood beauty but who has a great derrière and whom he impregnates, bringing joy to both their lives.

But those lives are pretty crummy and the responsibilities demanding. Lequizamo has stashed away a lot of money in various places but all he has to do is start spending it and the brutal cops, the ones keeping an eye on him, will have him in the Crowbar Hotel before he can say writ of replevin or amicus curiae or cui bono? Then, through a marginal friend, he meets the suave young Peter Sarsgaard at a fabulous party, the kind where guests wear suits -- as opposed to Leguizamo's leather and jeans -- and when they shed those suits they step daintily naked into the Olympic-sized Jacuzzi and eat whipped cream from each others' bodies.

Wow. Leguizamo would sure like a bite of that life style and in fact Sarsgaard's innocent face belies a certain moral terpitude. He's not above a little fast illegal money. He's an investment broker at a bank and claims a great deal of money can be made by insider trading and whatnot. "If you just want to get your feet wet, you could start with a million." And in fact Leguizamo does exactly that and doubles his money. Then Sarsgaard reveals that he has an absolutely sure thing but it requires a minimum of four million, most of which Leguizamo has to borrow.

Sarsgaard warns him not to rush into things. Leguizamo should have taken his advice. By this time he's moved up in the world and occupies one of those sparse and extremely expensive apartments on either the upper West side or the upper East side. (I get them mixed up.) He neglects his old friends from the neighborhood. They're puzzled and hurt. His girl friend splits. Leguizamo gets mixed up with La Colombiana, Isabella Rossellini, in a hair do like a monk's cowl. She was my supporting player in Lynch's "Blue Velvet" and has aged beautifully in the intervening years, although not nearly as beautifully as I have.

Anyone familiar with the genre will find it a familiar example of the genre. I refer you not just to "Scarface" and the earlier gangster movies. (This one has the fustian Leguizamo being fitted with an Armani suit, just as Edward G. Robinson and James Cagney were fitted with tuxedos.) The structure resembles any of Martin Scorcese's mob movies. Leguizamo's narration tells us how things work as the plot unfolds.

Things don't work out well for Leguizamo. The reason they don't work out well is that he's betrayed his class. He doesn't turn into an aesthete like Dorian Gray and collect Nuremberg Eggs or anything. He just neglects his compañeros. In the Bronx you know who you can trust and who you can't. In Sarsgaard's world, you don't, because everything looks so placid. And to trust someone like Sarsgaard just because he seems to be extraordinarily rich and his face is so seductively believable and confident, is an error of gross proportions.

Leguizamo is pretty good with his nervous, pinched face. Sarsgaard is at least as good as a well-dressed smoothie. Denise Richard exudes oestrus. Delilah Cotto is great simply because she's not a high-fashion mannequin but rather a young woman capable of passion and love, and attractive enough to garner glances in a supermarket.

There's a lot of action. Too much of it is weak and derivative. Deaths and exploding bottles in slow motion. Even an AK-47 FIRING in slow motion. Queer wide-angle lenses that can turn some scenes into a Miramax presentation. That's pretty hoary stuff and the director would have been better off letting the colorful and powerful story carry itself in classic fashion.

Reviewed by ma-cortes 6 / 10

Violent and exciting movie about drug dealers

The picture talks upon a drug dealer called Victor Rosa (John Leguizamo) who loved by his girlfriend (Dalilah Cotto) and with a lot of success on south Bronx turns his back on his roots , developing an economic relation with a Wall Street yuppie financier (Peter Saasgard) and his fiancée (Denise Richards). As he gives money to the Wall Street broker to invest for him .

In the motion picture , shot in 22 days , there is tension , a love story , thriller , emotion , intrigue and a little bit of violence . The movie is fast-moving and enough entertaining but happens many events ; dealing with a big time dope dealer who soon learns that he has been betrayed and his last option is to get vengeance . The pic obtained moderated success and didn't attain the box office that the producers wanted . The suspense movie is well-paced but there're some storyline gaps and the twisted plot makes it a few ridiculous . The film is rated ¨R¨ for violence and some sex and isn't apt for little boys , being for + 18 years' viewers . John Leguizano's fine interpretation as a successful drug dealer who becomes involved dark issues , he is looking to get out of the game and sees his chance with a big deal and a new friend who happens to be a Wall Street stockbroker . Leguizano is pretty good but plays as Latin stereotypes . Producers originally wanted John Leguizamo to perform Jimmy , he loved the part of Victor so much that he got the director to give him that role . Thanks to Leguizano , the cast was completed with other enjoyable stars , as he used his star power to help bring bigger names to the project . Dalilah Cotto and Denise Richards are attractive as well as charming and Peter Saasgard as a hotshot business manager is magnificent . Isabella Rossellini as a Colombian drug lord is miscast and the veteran Sonia Braga hands a role very secondary as the starring's mother . The musical score by also actor Ruben Blades is nice and the movie is rightly directed by Fran Reyes .

Reviewed by rob-236 8 / 10

Excellent gangster flick - John Leguizamo shines!!

A little gem of a gangster film. Not totally original, it could be seen as a homage to many of its predecessors, yet it delivers and keeps you interested right until the very end.

John Leguizamo plays local drug dealer Victor Rosa who sees the opportunity yo "branch out" into other areas and let his drug money work for him in the stock market when he meets, through his girlfriend, a up and coming wall street executive. Problem is that he finds it harder and harder to move away from his dangerous life on the streets, and still ends up having to deal with his crew of trigger happy homeboys, rival drug dealers and drug kingpins - which turns out to be a hell of a lot harder than before.

Leguizamo is brilliant in the lead role and has good support from the likes of Peter Sarsgaard, as his new wall street chum, and Vincent Laresca as his best friend from childhood. Its also good to see old stagers Isabella Rossellini and Sonia Braga again.

Denise Richards (not really having to act here, which suits her fine) and unknown Delilah Cotto are good eye candy, and do well as the sexy female leads.

An A for effort to all involved.

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