El baile de los 41

2020 [SPANISH]

Action / Biography / Drama / History

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 2318


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Alfonso Herrera as Ignacio de la Torre
Emiliano Zurita as Evaristo Rivas
Mabel Cadena as Amada Díaz
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by richmx2-957-866464 8 / 10

The legend, but history??

Excelent film, but to say this is the "true history" is a slight exaggeration, there being very little documentation (and that skewered by the journalism of the era) about the event or the supposed "club of 42". While the incident was and is well remembered here in Mexico, how much is the "real truth" and how much is speculation (we don't know that Ignancio de la Torre was actually at the dance, although his sexuality was well established... fun fact, because Emilio Zapata was one of de la Torre's more important employees -- his horse trainer -- Zapata was "smeared" by his opponents as an allegedly gay man). That de la Torre was a self-indulgent elitist snob and oppresive member of the Mexican "one percent"... as were the other 41... had the unfortunate side effect of perpetuating the stereotype of gay men as a bunch of rich cross-dressing hedonists.

Reviewed by maykermedina 10 / 10

In this macho society, they go against the established to be a man

I Love this movie. based on real events. a dance against homophobia and that reflects one of the most controversial and stigmatized episodes in the history of Mexico. the camera shots, the music, the costumes and the high-level performances and at the same time I consider that the representation of the LGBT community in the cinema is very important and thanks to the cinema this type of stories can be told.

Reviewed by jp_91 10 / 10

A great production based on true events!

"El baile de los 41" is a great film based on true events, a great love story about two men and their gay friends, a tale about homophobia and some events that still happen in this days, closeted gay men married with ladies. The production is amazing, the cinematography and filming locations are beautiful, the music score is wonderful, the performances are great, mainly Alfonso Herrera, Emiliano Zurita and Mabel Cadena and the direction is really good. A modern gay classic movie based on sad true events! The best Mexican film of the 2020!

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