Einstein's God Model


Drama / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 70%
IMDb Rating 5.7 10 956

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Tawny Newsome as Marcel Gutierrez
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by danders-25360 5 / 10

Interesting Idea, Poor Execution

The premise attracted me to the movie, and kept me watching despite it's many issues. I tried to set aside the poor acting and dialog in hopes that the plot would develop into something more substantial - but it never did. The story line was thin with the same canned character types you have seen countless times before. As with all too many Sci- Fis, a clever concept was wasted and leaves you wondering what could have been done with it under different circumstances. As far as the production - it mostly had an amateurish feel. There appeared to be issues with the sound editing. That could possibly have been related to the streaming version I viewed. But I noticed several instances where the dialog seemed to be spliced together from different takes causing it to vary in volume from line to line. On the positive side, the special effects and imagery were executed fairly well considering the low production budget.

Reviewed by Kev11sky 7 / 10

Better Than Flatliners

This indie film is just plain fun. Sure, it's amateurish, but...

It mentions some real ideas in physics (past and present) -- GUF theory; quantum theory; string theory; membranes; etc.

It includes some actual history about Thomas Edison.

It names some real physicists -- Einstein (obviously), Tesla, Bohr, etc. (check out the opening credits!)

The props (early electronic devices) look authentic.

One of the writers seems to have a medical background -- some nice details.

Given the film's limited budget, the special effects are pretty good.

The acting is good enough to carry the plot.

I would compare this movie favorably to the first "Flatliners" film (I haven't seen the recent remake).

Watch it and judge for yourself.

Reviewed by itrevorallen 9 / 10

As a medical provider and physics student

I would like to start this with a few credentials I am an ex-Paramedic and current bachelors or Physics / Chemistry student. This movie is very interesting. No, the effects are not top notch nor is the acting. However, the movie does a fantastic job at mixing factual knowledge we know about particle physics (of which they over used the word "quantum" like all Hollywood movies) and theoretical physics.

*** It is important to note string theory and quantum entanglement are not proven to be factual entirely. ***

But to even attempt the subject and come up with a film that makes sense to most viewers takes extreme talent. No easy task. I'm curious where the directors / producers obtained their props. The ET tubes, propofol, magnetic field sims, micro transformers were all real (or at least so close to it I could tell no difference). Some of these things are very impossible to come by outside of an anesthesia related field.

Overall Im thoroughly impressed with the film.

Will likely watch it again, though I do not feel it fair that one requires 6+ years of difficult education to comprehend the premise well.

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