Earwig and the Witch


Animation / Family / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 4.8 10 632

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Dan Stevens as Thomas
Richard E. Grant as The Mandrake
Vanessa Marshall as Bella Yaga
JB Blanc as Mr. Jenkins
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gamesgainsnbrains 1 / 10

Confused, and very disappointed.

I saw today that there was a new film from studio Ghibli, and I got excited. Then I watched it... I shouldn't have. The story begins a bit confusing, it's very disjointed and plays out like a montage, as the whole movie sort of seems to. Things begin to pick up around the middle, and you start to trace the movie so far, and it leads your mind to many possibilities that you can theorize may come to pass. When the time comes to deliver on even a single one of the things that were foreshadowed, it never does. The entire film feels like a budget toddler program, like something from Cocomelon... and it's insulting that it bares the Studio Ghibli name. The ending was a big slap in the face, and everything you have been anticipating gets dumped in your lap like a curtain reveal, amd the movie ends, with no rhyme or reason, it's just over. What?

Reviewed by mattwoolfrey 3 / 10


Whyyyyyyy did Ghibli go 3D computer-animated?! This just felt uninspired. A really boring witch, especially for the main villain. There's no soul here. Rewatch Howl's Moving Castle instead.

Reviewed by ydtf 3 / 10

Goro Miyazaki remains an expert at delivering two thirds of a movie

Saw this during the world premiere, an NHK broadcast (I'm in Japan and speak Japanese) and, while the CGI was initially off-putting - it looks like every other Japanese cartoon-to-CGI adaptation but with occasional Ghibli Eyes, and plastic SF5 Ken Banana Hair on everyone - it gradually started to win me over. Then, right when the story progression suggests that the third act is going to begin, as the past catches up with everyone, so that we can bring everything to a satisfying narrative conclusion... instead, we just get a smash cut to black and the credits.

The ending 100% feels like the cliffhanger to make you want to watch the second half of the movie. Unfortunately, so far as I am aware, there IS no second half. So instead, the movie just kind of tosses a bunch of narrative threads out, ignores all of them for nearly its entire runtime, and then remembers them all juuuuuust long enough to remind you that it ignored them entirely, before suddenly grinding to a halt.

Reasonably charming at times, if you're willing to accept that basically nothing that happens in the movie matters at all, and that there's no ending. Or, in other words, it's a modern Ghibli movie, I guess. Goro Miyazaki has inherited his father's knack for telling two thirds of a story.

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