Dying for a Baby


Action / Thriller

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Sarah Minnich as Jessica
Nia Peeples as Blanche
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by tshane-25169 4 / 10

Exciting in parts but trite w HUGE plot/believability flaws

A woman (Jessica) loses her baby due to a car accident, goes crazy, becomes a stalker with an injunction against her to protect her former husband, then befriends Amber (who's beautiful and skinny while 8-1/2 months pregnant--yeah, RIGHT!), the driver who inadvertently killed Jessica's baby 2 years ago.

Jessica (if names mean anything for foreshadowing, "Just sicko" is close enough to Jessica, eh?) goes off the deep end with psychotic jealousy when Amber gets pregnant. She then drugs and forces a doctor at gunpoint (more on this issue later) to induce labor prematurely in Amber, who she also assaulted and drugged, and steals the baby!

Issue 1: She shows up on her ex's doorstep, baby on tow, saying she "fixed the family" with a bright cheery psycho smile, but NO GUN in her waistband as she bends over the baby--which she had stashed there as all TV criminals do-- minutes ago. Then she pulls the (HELLO, ABSENT!) gun out of her waistband and forces the ex into the house. (wow director-- didn't know you invented a magical science fiction teleporting gun for this movie! and forces him inside the house.

WHOA THERE, directors. It would be a good idea to make sure you involve realism in the actions of the psychotic wannabe mother. Like making her a staff member of the hospital instead of a volunteer.

Issue 2: Obviously volunteers have NO access to PRIVATE files of patients--like the new mother's medical file, which psycho-mommy "adjusts" (fakes) to make it look like she's not an expecting mother, but a schizophrenic (issue 3: no psych meds EVER prescribed) who falsely believes she had a baby!

Issue 4: Seriously?? NO hospital staff at the hospital she's visited several times for checkups don't remember her baby?? DUMB.

Issue 5: After Amber is induced (delivered off-camera of course, because the cheap as hell budget wouldn't allow a realistic delivery scene), there is NO blood or fluid or ANY "just gave birth" indications on her bed or the same clothing she WORE before and after labor!

I'm still watching this but you get the idea. Is it worth watching til the end? With my rating of 4/10, it's a toss-up. To slam a mediocre movie and gain the satisfaction of destroying a poor plot by revealing every one of its numerous clichés, continuity errors (most prominently: Gun. Wait, no gun. Wait--she just pulled a gun she DIDN'T have seconds ago) and other flaws...

Let's say this: I've had several beers and there's nothing else that I want to do so... I will watch it.

Maybe I'll even finish this review. Or... maybe it's not worth further effort.

*pop* *pour.... *fizzzzz...


Reviewed by phd_travel 5 / 10

Far fetched even by Lifetime standards

For the premise a vaguely Hand that rocks the cradle scenario is in play. Differently the wacko isn't hiding her identity. The woman lost her baby and wants the other woman from the accident's baby. The actresses are quite good. The wacko looks wacko and the naive one is played by Cristina B Allen of Revenge. The victim is too naive but when she finally gets suspicious you get irritated with her. The wacko's scheme is far fetched.

Reviewed by r96sk 4 / 10

This film, although not the worst I've seen, most certainly isn't worth a watch

Extremely bad. I couldn't tell you one positive thing about 'Dying For A Baby'.

The acting here is dire. It's obvious Sarah Minnich (Jessica) is the best of the talent, though even her performance isn't anything close to good. The premise is incredibly far-fetched, as the film fails to make any of it seem believable or even to makes us care for the characters involved.

I do appreciate the darker nature of what occurs, but a lot of it is so ludicrous that it's hard to take serious at all. It follows the points that most of these productions do, it's similar in that regard to 'Killer In-Law' - which I like - but that has strong acting; namely from Nana Visitor.

I marginally like how this is produced visually, it has some cool stock footage, but even that's nothing notable. This film, although not the worst I've seen, most certainly isn't worth a watch.

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