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JayR Tinaco as Dan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by paul_3-960-896774 7 / 10

The gripping and brutal night out with the boys

Drown may be set in a world/community that I'm not very familiar with but it's almost impossible not to relate to the tight knit brotherhood based on sports and drinking that is showcased in this film. It captured so seamlessly the dynamic between young men bonded over a common passion or a sport. A dynamic in which your bros and your masculinity is all that counts, no place for weakness, tenderness or affection.

Len is the typical and yet quite the unconventional bully, his obsession with Phil is unnerving, and the same could be said for his relationship to his best friend/lackey "Meat." But what makes Drown interesting is the feeling that regardless of Phil's sexual orientation, there is no doubt that Len would have bullied and harass Phil. Yes Phil's sexual orientation enraged Len but the insight into Len's upbringing only cemented his reaction to Phil's addition to the team. Meat is not just the unsuspecting guy who can't stand up to his friend and finds himself at the wrong place and time. He shines a new light on Len, while giving a few layers to Meat. Phil (Jack Matthews) is also very interesting, he may not exactly be in the forefronts of this story but his willingness to put up with everything just so he could belong to the group is sad and impressive at the same time.

The cast did a marvelous job Matt Levett's Len was captivating and intriguing, his inner turmoils is palpable and great to watch. Harry Cook's performance as Meat was quite and powerful, and Jack Matthews' Phil is relatable and very real.

Much like Len is confronted with his inner demons, Drown confronts the audience to what we've all seen happened at some point in our lives, bullying. The film is honest, intense, brutal and raw, a clash of worlds that make for an amazing emotionally charged climax. @wornoutspines

Reviewed by pmarcher98 10 / 10

Devastating performance from Matt Levett

I won't rehash the plot of this, many other reviews covering what happens. What I will say is that I have seen a LOT of movies in my 70 years and can say this performance is right up there with anything ever done on the screen. It's hard to watch this and not think of Heath Ledger, particularly in Brokeback Mountain, "going there." This young actor not only shows the full depth of the character but all the facets of "manhood" in western culture, from the worshipped sports star and stud, to the deepest depths of human anguish. Not only is he physically beautiful and worth watching for that alone, but there is not one second when the camera is on his face when he isn't communicating some of the deepest passions we can ever know in life's journey. I know the subject matter isn't for everyone but if you are a connoisseur of acting performances, give this guy an hour and a half of your time. Harry Cook as "Meat" isn't far behind either.

Reviewed by wwheideman 1 / 10

A truly awful film

One of the worst films I've seen in a long time, gay themed or otherwise. There isn't one minute of this film that doesn't ring false. The relationships between the three characters is so far fetch that you spend every minute thinking that there is no way in hell these three would spend time together. If any one thinks this is an important gay film they must suffer from the same low self esteem and self loathing that the main character does. Are we really supposed to believe that someone who has a loving relationship with a seemingly very nice guy would give his antagonist the chance to repeatedly, and I mean repeatedly, torment and physically abuse him? Where is the logic in that? Any self respecting gay man would have had his tormentor throw in jail after the first scene and he could have saved us the torture that repeatedly followed. A total waste of time that is painful to watch.

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