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Monique Candelaria as Ranger Nova
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by stevepat99 4 / 10

Righteous effort but a horribly poor script

The star of this effort is Park Ranger Nova, a young native American woman who has just earned her park police certification. This means Nova is the 'law' in the park, armed with a gun and the power and duty to enforce the law.

A skin head drives up to the park entrance both, calls Nova Pocahontas and despite the racist insult Nova lets him drive into the park without paying the $10 park fee. Way to go Nova!

When a yahoo starts shooting his illegal ( in the park) gun into the air Nova violates protocol and by failing to draw her gun. Her partner chastises her and has to explain that firing his gun is not only illegal but is a very real danger to other visitors. How does the script allow Nova to be ignorant of all this? And then has both of them failing to confiscates his gun..

The superintendent, Nova's boss, knows the river has been seriously poisoned by a fracking company with dead fish and deer. Yet he takes not action to post danger, do not swim or drink signs. Then, knowing the river water is poisoned he shuts off the water in the park due to a budget shutdown. This causes a young mother to drink the river water which poison water kills her and causes her baby to drown. After all this happens a young ranger says 'I'll post danger signs. What a wacky script.

A deranged criminal, armed with a gun, steals a ranger hat and badge. He impersonates a ranger, kidnaps a young woman visitor, takes her to a remote cabin and ties her up. Nova finds the woman tied up in a cabin and confronts the kidnapper with her gun drawn. At which point the script has the kidnapper saying: You won't shoot me and Nova letting the armed kidnapper simply walk away so he can kidnap again or do even worse. Then, the kidnapper she let go free tries to gun down her partner. At that point Nova shoots him in the leg and is hailed as a hero for saving her partner ...the crazed kidnapper/gunman she failed to arrest. Nova should have been fired on the spot for dereliction of duty. I mean, worst law enforcement ranger ever.

Finally, we see almost no one enjoying the park peacefully as the script presents a crazed gunman./kidnapper, poisoned river that kills a young other, a racist taunting a woman visitor and a drug addict who abused his girlfriend and nearly dies of an overdose,. Did I mention Nova found visitors trying to desecrate and steal from an Indian park site?

As said, worst script ever.

Reviewed by rnahigian 10 / 10

Film with a Purpose

Driftless takes a fresh look at America, the key issues we face, and the people that form this unique nation, through the lens of a state park in the upper-Midwest, and it does so in a very deft and clever manner. I, personally, do not like giving up on people, no matter how temporarily "out of order" they may be, and it was refreshing to experience a main character in a film who feels the same tug on their heart (to not close the door on people). Really, the entire cast of this film played their respective roles exceptionally well, and overall, I felt Driftless displayed, in a very raw and real sense, what it means to be an American today, profoundly capturing the key issues our country continues to grapple with. Much gratitude to all who made this film, a film I know will help spread a message of love and respect for our lands, and each other, so that we all may do our own part to keep this country/world clean and healthy, natural and friendly, and thus wild and "wealthy" (but in a natural sense). #fram

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