Action / Sci-Fi / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 44%
IMDb Rating 6 10 74112

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Rhona Mitra as Eden Sinclair
Martin Compston as Joshua
MyAnna Buring as Cally
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Mysticum 1 / 10

Unintentionally Hilarious

This is, without a doubt, one of the worst movies I have ever seen. It is so fantastically bad, I could talk for hours and hours about each and every little atrociously bad element of the movie. I am no stranger to the incredible or the suspension of disbelief required of any sci-fi fan wishing to be entertained. I love outlandish and outrageous things! I cannot, however, abide things which are literally UN-BELIEVABLE, and which conflict with ANY world, fictional or not.

This movie is a tour de force of idiocy. It is one long line of things so unimaginably retarded, you end up with a slight sensation of vertigo from shaking your head so thoroughly from start to finish. I will mention a few things that stood out as being particularly idiotic, but please believe me when I say that there are somewhere in the neighborhood of five hundred to a thousand equally appalling scenes left unmentioned.

Let's begin. Why are the soldiers at the beginning standing amidst a crowd of plague-carrying Scots? Why are they in front of the fence? As you ponder this, watching them get torn to shreds, you are interrupted by the realization that not only is there a fence behind which they would have been safe, there is also a forty foot tall steel wall a few hundred feet further back. Why are they not behind this wall? Who is in charge of this completely incompetent band of military morons? Why is a chopper behind enemy lines at this point? Why are the soldiers in the chopper not wearing protective gear? Why do they let indigenous Scots covered in blood and grime approach the helicopter? Why do they bring a blood-covered, bleeding, Scottish girl fresh from the crowd of plague-carrying lunatics onto their chopper, which is en route to the safe side of the wall? Is this not...perhaps a little foolish? In 2035, why does the heroine toss her eyeball (yes, really) instead of using a small mirror? Failing that, why isn't she using a little camera and a wrist-mounted monitor? In 2035? On that note: why is the technology in 2035 virtually indistinguishable from technology in 2008? Returning to our heroine, why would she give up her depth perception and risk losing her one eye? Someone might step on it, I'd think? How does the eye rotate on a flat surface without movable parts, while staying in place? Up in Scotland, if the tanks in which the special forces ride are so sturdy and gas-proof and you'd-need-a-50-caliber-rifle-to-put-a-dent-in-this solid, why does it come equipped with a large glass front window which can be shattered by throwing a brick? Why did no one spot the cows from afar? A thousand cows and suddenly they just hit one in the middle of the herd without warning? Ninja cows? Who dyed the Scots' hair? Why do they dye their hair? Why are they armed and working together? Why are they in the hospital after 27 years? Did they sit there for 27 years thinking, "One of these days...!" ? Who took the time to carve the names of disease-victims intricately into the large slab of marble at the hospital? After Scotland is walled in, its population dropping like flies, someone took the time to erect a massive marble wall and start carving the names of the dead into it? Seriously? How could a scientist in 2008 get further with his research in 3 months in a war zone than the entire body of scientists on the planet could in 27 years? Why did the rest of the world's scientists not attempt to concoct a cure for the virus? Why does the guy left behind in the vehicle outside the hospital go out to "help" the girl? Why does he carry her into the tank, remove his protective gear, and then turn his back on her? Who exactly is throwing the grenade right after the guy gets his throat slit and dies?

I could go on for a great deal longer, I assure you. I repeat: EVERYTHING - every single little thing - about this movie is so indescribably retarded as to be downright depressing.

This is the worst movie in the world. Hands down.

Reviewed by Superunknovvn 6 / 10

A fun but deliberately dumb movie with nothing original

Like Greg Mclean, director of "Wolf Creek" and another great white hope for the horror genre, Neil Marshall followed a very promising horror flick with a deliberately trashy project. Where Mclean directed his attention to a murderous crocodile, Marshall took a bow to two of his favorite movies, "Escape From New York" and "Mad Max". "Doomsday" is not just influenced by those two movies, it's practically a mash-up with the female heroine from "Underworld" thrown-in. So, the first thing you should forget about when you pop in this movie is originality. Marshall makes no excuses for paying homage to his heroes George Miller and John Carpenter (hell, he even named two characters in this movie after them).

Like "Escape From New York" and "Mad Max", "Doomsday" demands a lot of suspension of disbelief to be enjoyable. However, maybe sci-fi flicks could get away with more stupidity in the 80's or maybe Marshall's movie is just extra dumb. Sometimes it seems like the director wasn't even trying to fill plot holes or avoid laughable action scenes. If you're looking out for mistakes in "Doomsday", you'll find plenty to complain about.

So, no, this isn't the high profile follow up one would have wished for after the dense, claustrophobic "The Descent". On the other hand, "Doomsday" doesn't fail to entertain. It's fast paced and charmingly old fashioned. Who else dares to come up with a post-apocalyptic world in which punks and knights rule the country in this day and age? Marshall's love for the project is somehow transmitted to the viewer and actually gives you a very pleasant feeling.

If you're able and willing to turn off your brain, "Doomsday" can be a very entertaining, old-fashioned action movie. It may not be a masterpiece or even a good movie, but it can definitely be seen as a fun little interlude by a director that must not be written off just yet.

Reviewed by Rubens Junior 9 / 10

Maybe ridiculous, but an interesting action thing

Like Dave White says on his review, this movie is all about action and gore and it has anything you can imagine. Pick up your favorite thing of any action movie... Yeah, it has.

Neil Marshall is the director of this sci-fi-thriller-epic. He's also the director of The Descent (2005), an incredible thriller with great tastes of horror with an outstanding grand finale.

Of course that Doomsday is not so refined like his previous movie, but while the The Descent is all about technical perfection, Neil Marshall seems like just having fun here, and that's what makes this movie so enjoyable, because it's thrilling without being intelligent, it's funny without being crappy, it's frightening without being predictable and also predictable without being unpleasant. It's a very uncommon action movie that brings us back to great references in action movies thru the years since the 80's. It could have been a huge mess, but it actually works. It starts as an horror movie like 28 Days Later, then it becomes a sci-fi movie with tastes of Alien, bring us great remembers of Mad Max, passes thru dungeons tales and ends up like The Transporter. Right to the point: Neil Marshall is not afraid to dare and play with clichés in action movies over the decades.

Doomsday has some resemblances to his previous movie: it's all surrounded by a female character; the main character has to deal with "things" that somehow survived in a stark place and the characters has to deal with extreme conditions.

The main character is performed by Rhona Mitra, an actress who is gradually gaining prominence and more interesting major roles mainly in action movies. And she deserves it. Specifically in this movie she is a bad-ass woman with heroic intentions but politically incorrect, which makes her character well edged with an interesting appeal, giving to the audience fair reasons to keep their attention always on her and thrill with every moment she gives. The movie is all about her, and Rhona Mitra was a good choice for the role because she has all the qualities and flaws that fits perfectly to the character.

If you like action movies but it's not worried to dare something a little different from what is being produced in the last few years, this is an excellent choice. It's not something that you will keep remembering for a good time like the movies that became references to this one, but it's something that you will enjoy (a lot) for a few hours.

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