Donald Trump's The Art of the Deal: The Movie



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Patton Oswalt as Merv Griffin
Jacob Tremblay as Kid 4
Christopher Lloyd as Doc Brown
Alfred Molina as Jerry Schrager
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by peefyn 6 / 10

More fun than funny

Context: I am not American, and do not live in the US.

In many ways, this could be compared to the 2015 HBO TV-movie 7 Days in Hell. It's essentially a long skit based around one central idea, featuring a number of celebrity cameos. It's something where those involved obviously must have had great fun making it, and that joy is transferred to the viewer.

There is also a case to be made for a comparison between this and 2015s Kung Fury. Both rely heavily on replicating (and exaggerating) the looks and feel of popular media from a former decade (specifically the 80s).

While I can not be sure about their motives, it's easy to imagine that the people involved with this meant this as a sort of satirical reflection over Trump's character, or as an comedic attack on him. Because of Trump's way of handling his legacy and public image (basically not caring), this is not a very successful game plan. And because the caricature of Trump in this movie is (sadly) believable, it never becomes all that funny.

Reviewed by framptonhollis 4 / 10

Not Very Funny...

The concept of this movie is actually really fascinating to me. Personally, I really dislike Donald Trump, and a good satire of him would work extremely well! Also, it's interesting how this movie is a) an adaptation of his book "The Art of the Deal" b)is shot as mockumentary, and has a cool visual style, and c) Johnny Depp is playing Donald Trump!

However, the movie itself is nowhere near as good as its concept!While I did laugh a couple of times here and there, it was, overall, very unfunny. Most of it is immaturely making fun of Trump instead of packing the movie with little details about Trump's life that would take actual research. I'm ALWAYS impressed when those behind the scenes actually do research on whoever/whatever they're satirizing.

But, despite the movie not really being funny, I thought Johnny Depp did a pretty great job. He doesn't look or sound much like the real Donald Trump, but his performance is extremely unique and bizarre, and I really found myself enjoying!

Also, I'd like to comment on the people angrily calling this movie "propaganda". I highly disagree with them. It's just a quick little comedy that pokes fun of Trump, it's no "Triumph of the Will"! Really, calm down!

Overall, this movie made me agree with what Ron Howard said at the end of the credits.

Reviewed by sandiegoharry 5 / 10

Funnyish, clearly partisan but worth a view

It appears that several Hollywood folks do not love The Donald - big shock. So these folks decide to make a movie that ranges from poking a bit of fun at His Donaldness to outright attacking his character. Again, big shock. So view this knowing that it's a slam on Trump that's amusing and nothing more. I too think that Trump is a buffoon, and I get that this "movie" what whipped up in a real hurry, but a better made, more well thought out effort might have been... well, more entertaining. This movie will likely really please folks who are terrified of Trump, annoy his followers and leave the rest of us with a big "Meh... it was okay".

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