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Fiona Gubelmann as Christine McCullers
Heather Turman as Peer Review Secretary
Laura Niemi as Janet
Drew Fuller as Tim
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by mayasamba 1 / 10

I expect nothing from Lifetime Movies and yet I was still disappointed with this one

This has to be the worst Lifetime movie I have ever seen.

The main character is unlikable from the start. She tried to arrest a kid for stealing a tiny bag of chips and she rightfully got popped in the knee after being a terrible police officer and allowing this guy to get a hold of her weapon.

Because she was injured she was reassigned to be a 911 operator. And a horrible one at that. She didn't take her calls seriously and a kid wound up dead because of it. So with this, and her bum knee she felt sorry for herself during the whole movie and started to drink heavily.

A huge problem with this movie is that she spends 85% of the time hopping around on her bum knee...I don't understand why that had to be included in the movie at all and why they showed multiple scenes of her with her physical trainer. We never know what happens to her knee so why even include it?

She was rude, annoying, and broke so many rules to find the killer. She's horrible at her detective skills too. Every time she would be staking out she would somehow fall onto her leg again and cry about for a minute.

The WORST part of this movie was the forced ending that was less than 10 min long. So she finally caught the killer in the act and she went chasing after him until she fell (yet again).

So the killer ran off and went back to his house on a bike. Somehow the killer got back to his house before she did even though she was driving a car...makes no sense.

As she was speeding back to the house, she called her partner to warn him. During this time he was taking pictures of the evidence inside the house. This part really wants to make me rip all my hair follicles out by the root. She was calling him and we could see her phone ringing, however the screen would cut to him and his phone wouldn't be ringing...impossible! Anyone with a phone knows that his phone would be ringing too. It's just so fake and unrealistic.

Somehow the ending worked out fine for her despite all the felonies she committed.

Honestly, don't waste your time with this horrible movie unless you want to see her hobble around and fall and cry.

Reviewed by odium43-138-258761 1 / 10

Awful, even for a lifetime movie.

I love bad lifetime movies, but man this movie was just awful, and not in an it's so bad, it's good way. The main character is beyond irritating and totally unlikable. She's a terrible cop who gets injured in the line of duty, and then becomes a terrible 911 operator who ignores a kid calling for help, which results in him being murdered. The rest of the movie is spent feeling sorry for herself, drinking, impersonating a cop, breaking into people's houses, and waving her gun at people until she somehow solves the crime. And at the end is rewarded as a hero despite basically spending the entire movie being incompetent and committing felonies. Don't watch this movie, do something less painful, like eating glass.

Reviewed by LoupGarouTFTs 2 / 10

Awful, not even cheesy enough for some good laughs

From the outset, the main character is unsympathetic and leaping headlong into the depths of the misery of her own making. Through a series of bad decisions, she ends up getting her father and at least one other person killed, herself nearly crippled, suspended from the 911 call center, and stealing evidence. She pouts and binge-drinks her way through the first third of the movie, whenever something seems not to go her way. She appears to be emotionally stunted and in no way someone who would have passed the mental criteria that a police officer must meet. If the acting had been credible, hinting at some deep pain underlying her behavior, her actions might have garnered some sympathy. Unfortunately, she was played as being a "tough girl" with a vulnerable (read pouty and immature) side.

I don't really expect a lot from Lifetime movies. I do, however, expect a main character that I can empathize with, if that is what the viewer is intended to do. I wouldn't waste my time with this one and wish I could get the time back that I did invest in watching what I did.

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