Direct Contact


Action / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 20%
IMDb Rating 4.3 10 2794


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Dolph Lundgren as Mike Riggins
Michael Paré as Clive Connelly
Raicho Vasilev as Boris
Bashar Rahal as General Drago
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by contraspirit-1 6 / 10

Stupid, really stupid fun!

DIRECT CONTACT surely is a bad movie: the plot is generic, the direction is laughable, the editing sloppy, the acting aside from Lundgren terrible. Furthermore some scenes are taken from earlier Nu Image-movies like U.S.SEALS 1&3, OUT FOR A KILL or DERAILED. Despite these facts DIRECT CONTACT is a highly entertaining piece of B-movie as it manages to keep the pace high and fills 80 minutes with as much senseless action as any sucker for this kind of movie could hope for. Lundgren kicks ass, and anyone who was disappointed with the lack of solid action in MISSIONARY MAN can rejoice. Although the violence often looks ridiculous (blood spurting from hats, etc.)it's fun watching Dolph doing what he's best in, and despite his age he really delivers. Danny Lerner on the other hand should finally finish his attempts to be a director, in more competent hands this movie could have been a b-action-gem since the budget is moderate, the visuals nice, the score okay, unfortunately the many flaws make this movie just another case of trashy but at least amusing guilty pleasure.

Reviewed by andrew-552 3 / 10

More like, "Avoid Contact"

A few things you should know about, "Direct Contact.":- 1) It is not very good at all. In fact, it's pretty dire. Don't believe all this stuff about it being, "action packed," as half of those sequences come from other movies anyway and are badly edited in.

2) It's badly made. The continuity in this film is all over the place, partly due to scenes from other films being shoe-horned in. I lost count of the number of times gun miraculously change from one make to another as characters walk through scenes. We get a helicopter hovering in a bright, cloudless sky that is in a snow storm any time there is a close-up, cars that rocket back and forth in condition during chases, and, best of all, a motorcycle chase that goes from sunny day, to ice covered road in the middle of nowhere, to sunny day in the middle of town in three, continuous cuts.

3) It's badly written and makes no sense whatsoever. The dialogue is like something a teenager who's seen too many bad action movies would churn out. The plot manages to be non-existent yet totally unfathomable at the same time (why hire Dolph to kidnap the girl when you have the general and his entire army guarding her in your pocket?) and it contains one of the worst excuses for a love scene ever committed to film. They literally go from not giving a stuff about each other to doing it in five seconds flat.

4) It's badly acted. It's saying something when Michael Pare puts in the best performance in the movie. Dolph lumbers around like he's only half-interested in what's going on and, at times, his movement is so laboured I was wondering if he was injured. By far and away though, the worst is, "Uncle Trent." He is so bad as to be hilarious and has the immortal (misread) line of, "What if he goes A.O.L?" A.O.L.??? 5) The director really does have something against roadside cafes. I counted no less than three that were trashed in three separate car chases. He does however love showing the same wall being hit with bullets and showing great gouts of blood erupt in slow motion from people when they are shot.

Not as bad as DTV Seagal.... but not by much!

Reviewed by DrProfessor 8 / 10

A cult classic

I posted this in the boards for this film, but I thought I would add a review here also.

This film is amazing. So many mistakes in continuity, terrible writing(or is it?), yet so appealing and funny because of this. Not to mention the action scenes are just awesome. There's so much going on here that's so wrong, it makes it right.

This film reminds me of what directors like Tarantino are going after when he made Deathproof/Grindhouse films, only his were done on purpose. This film was not. It was just filmed and put together this way.

It may be hard for many to swallow, but there is real entertainment to be had here. The key is to watch how the actors respond to the scenes and dialog. The action stands on it's own, and the ride is never slow, so just sit back and watch the show!

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