Devil's Whisper


Horror / Thriller

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Coy Stewart as Gavin
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by nogodnomasters 3 / 10

Death will not have the last word

Alex (Luca Oriel) is a 15 year old Catholic, aspiring to be a priest, getting Confirmed rather late in life. He is led to discover his grandfather's cross by a demon who controls the motion of closet doors and electricity. Things begin to happen that simply can't be attributed to a moody teen. Then there is Alex's childhood issue with his grandfather and demon which was never really explained except with refrigerator style drawings and "sometimes people hurt people." The film was slow. We see glimpses of the demon early and some of his powers, but the demon himself was poorly explained or was explained with a reading from Enoch and left us leading to believe this was a religious film peppered with F-words. About 10 minutes from the end, the film reaches a scene that should have happened about 30-45 minutes into the film and then have the family go into panic mode...kill off the priest who needed to look more like Robert Patrick, and then bring in a Zelda Rubinstein clone to explain the plot.

Guide: F-word. No sex or nudity.

Reviewed by iowagoldcorn 2 / 10

Awful Plot and Not Scary

The plot is extremely awful and very confusing, and the movie fails to maintain its theme throughout. I understand how hard it is to write a good script for a horror movie; yet this seems to be done by amateur writers or the script was hastily put up together. As a result, I often get distracted by inconsistent plot, leaving me more confused than scary.

And that leads me to criticize this movie even further: the movie is not scary. It has some jumpy moments like other horror movies, but the psychological effect from those scary moments is almost absent. Those moments become very predictable and make me stare at the screen with much boredom.

Special effects and acting are relatively decent.

Reviewed by ferditiusbernard 1 / 10

Totally not scary and current score is so fake!

This movie is not supposed to get 7.3 score (on 19 oct)! the plot is awful (i can see no plot here), bad camera, just trash with fake score on watchlist.

tbh i used to get my watchlist from scoring in IMDb or rotten tomatoes, especially while trying to get decision to watch horror movie. first time i saw this movie was rated 7.4, i'm quite surprised and it built my eagerness to watch it.

the moment i watched this movie, from the early scene it got me suspicious because either the dialog and picture taken is so awful, but it still hold me on my seat because of 7.4 score. But as the movie went halfway, i realized those reviews are fake and cancerous.

Please don't waste your time watching this trash, even emoji still got my respect with its' honest reviews. this trash tried to manipulate people by faking review and score! if you don't trust me, just give yourself a try for 10$, consider it as charity for the producer.

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