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Bryce Papenbrook as Ushiku / Cop with Green Blazer / LAPD Cop / Mob Member / Walla
Bob Sapp as Newscaster Morrison
Cindy Robinson as Mîko / Young Ryo
Stephanie Sheh as Miki Makimura / Young Ryô
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by david-meredith-985-992904 3 / 10

Very disappointing

If you admire the animated Devil Man, do yourself a favor,SKIP THIS ONE! I am a fairly tenacious Devil Man enthusiast. I have a few mangas, the TV- Series box, Devil Man OVA Collection and Amon: Devil Man Apocalypse. The animation runs rings around the live-action movie. I had high hopes for this. I had it set in my mind that the quality of this movie would be on par with the live-action treatment of Casshern but it most definitely was not. Here's where the movie fails: flat acting, stiff computer animation, bad make-up and a giant lag in the middle of the movie. Put it this way, I had the Swine Flu and that was allot more fun than Devil Man: Live Action. I hope Go Nagai (Devil Man's creator) finds those responsible for this abomination and urinates all over their mothers. The ONLY saving grace of this movie is that Devil Man model looks pretty cool.

Reviewed by KnightofLeo 1 / 10

Kill me before the shame of defeat breaks my heart.....

I have been a fan of Devilman since I first saw the cartoon when I was 3. Later years, I got my hands on more and more stuff, like the bilingual mangas, the complete anime series, and the 2 amazing volumes of the OVA.(The bootleg and the hilarious English dubs). I have a lot of the action figures and other forms of collectibles. So....I AM A HUGE FAN of Devilman.

Than I saw the trailer for this god I was so excited...I even excused the fact that Siren wasn't a naked demon lady with wings on her head...

When I got the chance, I purchased a copy from China through ebay.

I watched it.....sigh*....It was awful...The actors were horrible, they changed around the plots and story and interactions. They never explained or even attempted to fill the GAPING plot holes.

SO...being such a big fan of Devilman, I am choosing to officially disassociate this movie completely.

Reviewed by dantsuji 1 / 10

THE Shame of Japan

Based on famous Japanese comic book series which has been loved for more than approx.30 years. TV anime based on this comic is also known as one of the most favourite classics of all time to many Japanese.By expending 1000,000,000Yen budget and making movie based on a legend, many of the Japanese movie fans expected this to be gorgeous, if not their favourite. However...

What is this piece of crap? I'm starting to feel sorry for the word "crap" for using it in criticizing such a bad movie.

First of all, the main casts are NOT actors or actresses. They are teen-idols and a fashion model who can't play their role properly. They don't even LOOK like they are acting.This may not matter for those who don't comprehend Japanese language. Don't worry, there are plenty of other reasons why you wouldn't be able to watch this thing until the very end. The scenario is ridiculous (I'm not saying this because it was no way similar to the original manga.) It's incomprehensible. Nonsense. You won't fully understand the background of each characters or the reasons why they take part in the story. Not because you don't have enough brain to understand what the scenario writer wanted to say, but because it's 10 million light years away from perfect. There are only three main scene shots. A local shopping arcade, a church and some indoor scenes. And the stage of this story is supposed to be all around the world???It's a joke. A terrible one too.One thing I must not forget to note is the CG. YOU WOULD SEE BETTER ONES IN SOME PS2 GAMES!! I kid you not. The company which is responsible for making this movie is wanting this crap to be exported to other countries but if or when it did, boycott it. It's so awful that you won't even be able to laugh. Guys, I wish I could write my comments with better English skills. There are far more to bash about this one!

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