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Alice Taglioni as Carole
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by allisonalmodovar 9 / 10

Game of Four excels where other French comedies don't

I saw "Game of Four" at the COLCOA festival in Los Angeles last night. Alright, I may have been the person in the theater who laughed the most, however in most cases everyone was laughing along with me.

Despite the bad reviews, I knew François Cluzet, Mathilde Seigner, and especially Alice Taglioni could not let me down. Well, actually I was afraid that they were going to. And then when they delivered a smart, painstakingly funny movie that was better than the other supposed comedies I had seen at the festival, I had to wonder. Why is everyone trashing this film? The review on IMDb almost made me skip this film and it definitely made my friend skip it (why waste money, right???).

When model-esquire Alice Taglioni is supposed to play a dowdy housewife whose husband isn't paying attention to her anymore, it's funny, because she's actually still very beautiful. So she sticks on a pair of glasses and wears supposedly frumpy clothes (at least at first). She is still 95% more beautiful than other women, including co-star Mathilde Seigner, who is also a delight to watch.

The characters that Alice Taglioni and François Cluzet whip up are especially conniving, but in a sweet and sensitive way that make you ache for their situation. When more people see this movie, I'm sure the rating will be more like 7 point something. I, personally, however gave it a 9.

Reviewed by krzysiektom 7 / 10

quite smart, but not a comedy

I disagree to a certain point with the other two reviews. Neither is it a stupid, boring film, nor is it a comedy! It is not a comedy unless we consider it a "human comedy", like a tragedy can be comedy too. So do not expect to laugh a lot and hear many witty lines or see many jokes. It is a psychological story with a few comedic touches. However, it does not mean it is a poor film. Far from it, I think it has a profound sense, it asks what it means to be happy in a relationship, including a marriage, and why should a marriage linger on if the people in it do not have feelings for each other anymore. It is tricky and nuanced because none of the four characters is showed as a black, unlikeable character, even the two doing the initial cheating. They are simple normal, flawed people but not without positives. And the two lovers do have real feelings for each other, which the whole point of the story, because if it was pure sex the story would not make sense. But what happens if u meet and fall in love with a person other than your spouse? U carry on regardless, for the sake of conveniences and maybe for your children, or u try to lead a double life? I thought for many minutes of the film that lack of real anger, pain and passion that the two cheated spouse do NOT show is a true weakness of the script and directing. But then the cheated man asks the cheated woman if she really loves her husband and the answer was ambiguous. Of course, she said, he is my first man, a husband of my child etc. Sounds more like an old sweater. The story revealed that below the schematic, superficially happy family life even the cheated pair had not real passion left anymore, although maybe they did not realize that.

Reviewed by Chris Knipp 6 / 10

Get smart: watch something else

Détrompez-Vous is a polished, sanitized French romantic comedy with François Cluzet and Alice Taglioni as Lionel and Lisa; Roschdy Zem and Mathilde Sagnier as Thomas and Carole. A certain gloss of American influence is evident in the indistinguishably comfortable apartments and nice clothes supplied to these two couples. Model-pretty Alice Taglioni is granted a Diane Keaton-esquire cute frumpiness (Annie Hall vintage), while M. Cluzot has an unmistakable Dustin Hoffman look. Taglioni is a children's book illustrator, Cluzot a gynecologist she visits. Détromper means get smart (or "undecieve") and Cluzot and Taglioni are the ones who wise up (sort of) after they learn Saginer and Zem, their respective mates, are involved in a hot affair. The question arises: is this sort of situation ripe material for comedy? Zem and Taglioni have a little girl and the other couple a little boy, which makes for a cute finale, after a series of episodes that are on the whole more ingenious than amusing. Zem's an engineer-architect; Sagnier seems to specialize in home-wrecking.

Avoiding any confrontation, the "undeceived" pair try surreptitiously to block their respective spouses' affair. The Diane Keaton stand-in takes to satisfying Zem orally before he goes out so he can't perform with the home-wrecker, and so on. Eventually Lionel and Lisa say, What the hell? If Thomas and Carole want to get it on, let them. Only the misused ones stage one last romantic holiday trip with their cheating spouses--by accident, wouldn't you know, at the very same rocky watering place--and this derails the affairs and the couples get back together to their original positions. Bourgeois stability is restored and nothing transgressive--or ultimately very funny--has happened.

The French press was not generous with this bauble. As one review pointed out, if the two betrayed spouses had simply confronted their mates about the infidelity, they'd never gotten involved in a series of time-wasting and twisted preventive measures--but there would have been no film. The bright look of the film and the smooth acting make our ninety minutes less painful than they might have been, but do little to engender sympathy for the characters or their machinations. A waste of everybody's time.

Seen in Paris October 28, 2007 at the UGC Danton.

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