Der Würger von Schloß Blackmoor

1963 [GERMAN]

Action / Crime / Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.7 10 390


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Karin Dor as Claridge Dorsett
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 7 / 10

Krimi that has it all

THE STRANGLER OF BLACKMOOR CASTLE is one of the best of the German krimis I've watched, this one based on the works of Bryan Edgar Wallace. The story is relatively straightforward: a masked killer prowls the corridors of Blackmoor Castle, searching for a stash of hidden diamonds and ready to strangle anyone who gets in his way.

Veteran director Harald Reinl uses the opportunity to deliver a film that's loaded with atmosphere, murder and action. The killer, who has a penchant for beheading his victims, is truly a sinister creation and the scenes of him prowling through dimly-lit corridors are hugely atmosphere. Some of the set-pieces provide bizarre highlights, such as the motorcycle beheading, and there's even some fisticuffs to keep the story bubbling along.

The cast acquit themselves well enough that the viewer is able to distinguish some solid performances despite the atrocious English dubbing. Regular Scream Queen Karin Dor headlines but the statuesque Ingmar Zeisberg wins most of the attention as a scheming barmaid. There are red herrings galore, dogged detectives and intrepid reporters, everything you'd want from a good murder mystery. Add in some broad comedy involving a kilt-wearing "lord of the manor" who's got an obsession for birdsong and you have a great little movie overall.

Reviewed by sol1218 7 / 10

The swamp shall have him

***SPOILERS*** German movie about a masked killer in and around the English castle of Blackmoor who's out to avenge his fathers murder by the future Lord Lucius Clark, Rudolf Fernan, who lives there.

The killer who's father Charles Manning was Clark's assistant and good friend in the British colony of Kimberly in Africa, where Clark was the district governor, was murdered by Clark who stole over 6 million in pound sterling worth of uncut diamonds that his father had. What the killer doesn't seem to know is that Clark is really his father, which was brought out at the end of the movie. But there seems to be some disconnect here with the killer when it's revealed that he came upon a batch of love letters by Clark to his mother Bettie Manning that he found hidden in the castle! the guy couldn't put two and two together?

Early in the movie we see that Clark is having the stolen diamonds cut by his creepy butler Anthony, Dieter Eppier, who used to be an expert diamond cutter until he was sent up the river for five years for stealing diamonds from his employer. Clark is secretly sending the diamonds hidden in cigar tubes to the owner of the "Old Scavenger Inn" in London Mr. Travish, Hands Nielson, who's fencing the hot diamonds by paying Clark in cash for them.

What both Clark and Travish as well as Clark's lawyer Mr. Tromby, Richard Haussler, doesn't know is that the killer has someone working at the "Old Scavenger Inn", his wife, who's tipping him off about the transactions. At one point in the movie he ambushes Clark's delivery man with the diamonds who happens to be his gardener Sebastian, Albert Bessler, killing him and taking the stones.

What the cagey Clark is doing is getting rid of the diamonds so that the killer can't get his hands on them and giving the money that he gets from Travish to his niece Claridge Dorsett, Karin Dor, as stated in his will on or after her 21th birthday. The masked killer is determined to get the diamonds or the money that Clark gets for fencing them before she does even if it kills her.

Interesting German 1963 import that has you guessing to who the killer is until he's dredged out of the swamp outside Blackmoor Castle at the end of the movie and his identity reveled. "Strangler of Blackmoor Castle" is a bit too violent for movies released back then in those days in the early 1960's with a number of shocking and bloody decapitations that are really gruesome even watching the movie now.

The film does have some comic relief in it with the lord of the castle Lord Blackmoor, Hans Reiser, spending all his time listening and recording on his portable tape recorder bird love calls in the woods.

Reviewed by evilskip 10 / 10

One of the best krimis of the 60's

Krimi is the German word for crime thriller.In the 60's through the very early 70's the Germans made dozens of them. Most were based on the works of Edgar & Bryan Wallace. While the quality of the individual films varied, this is one of the best I've seen so far.

The plot revolves around a country estate. A masked strangler is on the loose. His victims are branded with an "M" on their foreheads.The complex plot revolves around the killer,family skeletons in the closet,lineage,a fortune in diamonds and a ruthless gang of thugs.

The atmosphere of this film is appropriately dank but excellently done. The swirling fog on the moors adds a touch of menace to the night air.The castle and all of its secrets is a grand affair.Even the grounds capture the crispness of the air during the day.

The acting is top notch.Usually the same stable of actors appeared in most of the series.A lot of fun can be gained by seeing roles change from film to film as they move from the sides of good and evil.The comedy relief is not a millstone in this film as it usually is a bane.The soundtrack is moody and well done.

Best watched late at night with the lights down low. A rare 10.

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