Der geteilte Himmel

1964 [GERMAN]

Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 6.6 10 324


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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by AHeuer1 9 / 10

Very interesting and useful to understand German history

The underlying book pf Christa Wolf is very famous and many German children already have read it in school. The movie follows the book very accurately, the author herself also worked for the movie script.

It is a story about a couple which is separated through the different ways the two German states took. The girl is 20 and the boy 29 when they meet. They live together in a bigger city in eastern Germany where he finishes his studies and she starts to study at the university. She also starts to work in a factory. In the process of working with her colleagues she starts to understand the difficulties of working in a socialist economy and how different people react to these obstacles. Some turn inside and work only as much as necessary, others try to achieve something but have to deal with politics. She feels more and more passion for this society and starts to encourage others to speak out and not to give up.

Her friend gets more and more frustrated triggered by the rejection of a new process developed by him. He sees more chance to work and pursue his career in the west and so he leaves eastern Germany. He expects his girl-friend to follow him but she decides after having visited him that she belongs to her colleagues and into her world. The love story ends.

The movie has a kind of sad undertone. His decision appears like "giving up" and she looses the only one she loves. The film ends with her saying that she is over it waiting for a letter of him.

What I liked about this movie is the seriousness and the good dialogs. The love story is told without a sentimentality and therefore even more convincing. It is a good contrast to some "softer" movies of the (western German) 60ies. However to understand also the context in which the book has been written, it is helpful to dig into the internet and look for the official role writers had in the late 50ies in the GDR.

Reviewed by blumdeluxe 6 / 10

Never truely hits off

"Der geteilte Himmel" tells the story of a young couple, whose life is turned upside down when one of them develops a plan of leaving the GDR and starting a new life in West Germany.

The film doesn't use big gestures or all too dramatic effects but rather tells a down to earth and honest portrayal of two "normal" people. It is, in a way, very political, because it adresses a lot of social issues inherent in the society of the countries while at the same time focussing on a very personal and private story. Unfortunately, at times it begns to feel a bit too calm and is missing the opportunities to set peaks or falls. That way it still tells a very noteable story but fails to leave even bigger impressions.

All in all this is surely a good addition to the repertoire of films centered around the German seperation but it's not the most impressive one and a bit unhandy.

Reviewed by tony-70-667920 4 / 10

Oh, that dialogue

Having seen two Konrad Wolf films set in WW2 ("Stars" and "I Was Nineteen", I was keen to see more of his work. I wish I hadn't bothered with this one, and can't explain why I sat through it to the end. I see it has been voted one of the 100 best German films, which says a lot about German cinema, none of it good. The two major problems are the story and the dialogue. As a voice- over near the end admits, the story is banal. I've had experience of life behind the Iron Curtain, so the girl's decision to split with the man she loved and return to the laughably-named German Democratic Republic made no sense to me. She wasn't a Communist, she'd seen the way the system treated her friend and fellow student, and she barely bothered to see her mother, so what drew her back? The joy of working in a factory making railway carriages, which was a waste of her intelligence? Lack of courage and imagination ("I've always lived in the same town")? What really sinks this film, as Thomas from Berlin points out, is the dreadful dialogue. Since the book is drawn from a Crista Wolf novel, and she helped write the script, I suspect the blame is largely hers. Characters, with the exception of the hero's father, just don't talk like human beings. I certainly feel no urge to read any of the lady's novels.

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