Der Formel Eins Film

1985 [GERMAN]

Comedy / Music

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by samantha_jayne_fox 10 / 10

80's Cheese, just the way I like it.

I saw this movie ages ago when I left the VCR running when I was recording another film. This gem of movie was recorded by accident. It then took me years to track it down. Its an 80's feel good movie.

This is a true 80's movie. If you are a child of the 80's you will appreciate this movie and enjoy it. Its got Meatloaf, Falco and Limahl in it, for heavens sake. Contrary to the previous review, it does have a plot, flimsy though it may be; its still a plot.

So the jokes are cheesy, so what, so were the 80's, thats its charm. 'Meatloaf', 'Limahl', 'Falco' and 'Die Toten Hosen' all in the same film, how often does that happen?

Rock me Amadeus!

Reviewed by Holden-19 7 / 10

I rented this film at my local video store after s...

I rented this film at my local video store after searching for a completely different movie. I'm a big fan of the 80's so I thought I might enjoy this movie. And I did. I like this movie. The actors behave like it's the first time for them standing in front of a camera (And for half of them it was obviously the first time). The dialouges are completely not from this world, and the Story is.... just not there. But it has a good soundtrack, and it shows you a bit of the style in Germany in the middle of the 80's.

If you're interested in the 80's take a look. If not, let this movie rest in peace!!!

There are a lot of German Films that deserve to be watched.

Reviewed by Pucki 1 / 10

Even old Eddie Wood would have been ashamed...

What would you expect from a movie that opens with a slate "This film should be played LOUD"?

"Der Formel Eins Film" was a sad effort to adapt a successful "Top-of-the-pops"-like TV music show to the big screen. Obviously the producers had the idea that it would be enough to throw in a couple of pop stars and then get away with no story, no actors and no humour. Probably all participants had their deal of fun doing this, but watching it is almost unbearable.

I guess it would be quite funny to ask Campino, mastermind of German punk legend "Die Toten Hosen", about their appearance in this movie as "running gag", trying to sneak in the show in various idiotic disguises (at least that lead to a funny mini-album).

Example of the gags? You've been warned: "Let's go to the fitness center". - "F**kness center?"

The 80's might have become some kind of cult era. If the whole decade would've been like this movie, we'd have to thank our maker that we've gotten out there alive... Go and watch some MTV instead.

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