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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by onosideboard 6 / 10

Worth watching

I don't why user reviews here are so extreme -- it seems like the only people who write reviews either absolutely love the movie or completely loathe it. Me? I liked it.I found it entertaining. It wasn't the best movie I have ever seen, but I'm not sorry I watched it. The reviewer that compares this movie to Rosemary's Baby is nuts -- should we declare every drama made since Citizen Kane terrible because it's not as good as Citizen Kane?

Delivery has a decent, if not particularly fresh, premise: strange things start happening around a pregnant woman. It's filmed in the ubiquitous "found footage" style that too many low-budget horror projects use these days as a crutch to disguise poor production quality. In Delivery, however, the style is done well, and the production quality is good. The acting is solid, the pacing is tight, and the dialogue is believable enough. I noticed one plot hole (that the otherwise intelligent couple want to have a home birth with a midwife despite being an extremely high-risk pregnancy), but it doesn't ruin the movie at all. This is really more of a thriller than a traditional horror, as it's more creepy and tense than scary.

All in all, I'm glad I saw Delivery, it was an enjoyable way to spend a rainy Saturday night, even if it wasn't a classic on par with Rosemary's Baby, lol.

Reviewed by atinder 7 / 10

Really good

Delivery (2013) this did sound a lot like devils Due (which I have not seen yet, I don't think movies are like at all, I just going the devils due trailer)

This was more Psychological horror then normal average horror movie

This is kind slow in some places , we to get know the normal couple and there friends , they are documentary of there pregnancy .

Slow strange things happen in and there, there was one really creepy scene in this.

My god , the ending of this shocked the hell out of me, it not a twist or anything , it just kind unexpected .

Really good movie

7 out of 10

Reviewed by stansellb 8 / 10

Very Psychological

I've become disenfranchised with the supernatural-based horror genre. Probably because I've grown up and not a lot truly scares me anymore. In fact I think movies with fully represented and fleshed out monsters are more funny than scary.

I find myself creeped out more by horror films that have some sense of... I don't want to say 'realism' but at least some sense of plausibility to them with as few supernatural requirements as possible, which is why I think I like Delivery.

In the end, nothing truly supernatural happens, which is what I think some people were expecting, but I think this film continues in the tradition of The Blair Witch (hey, it wasn't that bad) in letting your imagination do all the work. I find the ending of this film to be far more shocking than if an actual demon did pop out of her. And in the age of reality shows that are more or less exactly like this, I think the set up of this film was perfectly staged.

Again, not for everyone. But if you're looking for a good psychological scare, check this one out.

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