Deathrow Gameshow



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by andrew_edwards 10 / 10

I know its Stupid, but it's stupid funny.

Deathrow Gameshow will never win any awards, it will never reach a mainstream audience, and probably in the great scheme of things, it will be forgotten.

But in a way, it doesn't deserve its fate. Deathrow Gameshow is a funny movie. Granted, it isn't constantly hilarious, and it is downright stupid, but if you want to watch a movie just to have a good time, this is the movie for you. This film was made way before its time, with its style of humor more adjacent to There's Something About Mary or Kingpin then anything out of the 80's nice-nice comedies. Deathrow Gameshow for this reason will always be a classic. There is no other movie that I have ever seen that you can have more fun watching in a group setting.

The Plot deals with Chuck Toedan, the host of Live or Die, a show where death-row inmates are allowed to compete for their lives ***And some fabulous prizes!!!*** It seems that Chuck has finally had enough of hosting the show and dealing with death threats(he once killed a mob boss in a "very disrespectful manner.") The story is filled with hilarious dialogue both intentional and unintentional, and some inspired acting. Watch it if only for the dream sequence, which is one of the most hilarious and memorable scenes that I have ever seen. It gets 1/10 stars for intelligence, but 10/10 for humor, which is all that really matters. Enjoy, I always do.

Reviewed by Sic Coyote 10 / 10

An (almost) forgotten stupid classic

This movie is so stupid and it knows it is, and it's really funny, but not a lot of people know that. It may not win awards for it's production values or realistic acting but what it IS is damn funny! I mean where else do you find classic lines like "He's serving 65 & life for molesting a collie in front of a catholic school" or "If your head lands in the basket face up we'll give them $4,000!" answer, you don't! It's not big(production) it's not clever but it is so much fun. It's a bit like a troma release but with less of the gore (probably down to that stuff costs money) in fact I wish that troma owned it right now. My reason? Why because Troma's DVD output is fantastic when it comes to extras, but unfortunately Rhino(who is releasing this movie on dvd in america on the 10th of October for $10) has a very POOR reputation for disc quality and extras. I'm still going to buy it anyway because this is such a class movie.

Reviewed by doyoulikeschlong 10 / 10

One of the greatest comedies ever on the top ten list

This movie is extremely funny. You can watch it tons of times over and over again and still laugh. It is included in the Mill Creek DVD box set, that has classic campy films from "Crown International Pictures," Don Papalardo is hilarious, the same actor plays Luigi's mother. Inmates from prison are sent to compete on a crazy game show. They are all technically sentenced to death, so it does not matter if they die on the game show. Lots of T and A. The loony guy that wants to get on the game show is a riot. Don't miss this classic 1980's masterpiece. I would love to see it shown on turner Classic Movies. I give this movie ten out of ten stars.

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