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Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 34%
IMDb Rating 4.9 10 1167

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Mark Dacascos as Merrick
Rutger Hauer as John Anderson Wade
Yvonne Sciò as Marina K. / Katya
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by wdbrown 6 / 10

A Guilty Pleasure

Gee, what's not to like about this movie? The acting? It's serviceable enough considering this isn't a big budget film. Rutger Hauer's finest work is not demonstrated here, but still this is a Rutger Hauer film which means that it will be a bit different from the regular straight-to-video junk you see. The shootouts were laughable? Of course they were! Shootouts are always laughable in every movie in which a hero survives totally unscathed. The two notable exceptions are "Saving Private Ryan" and "Tombstone". There are a few others, but at least Hauer and Scio aren't sliding down glaciers on a car fender or something of that ilk.

Let's put things in proper perspective. When you have a movie that sounds good before it goes on paper, but doesn't look nearly as good after the ink has dried you find ways to make it not a complete waste of time. So you do the following:

1. Get Rutger Hauer

2. Buy lots of bullets (hero resistant, of course!)

3. Get a beautiful actress (and in this case

Yvonne Scio is a 10!)

4. Buy some more bullets

5. Show lots of skin (Nude female bodybuilders with

soft muscles...hmmmm)

6. Have sex ...lots of it

7. Buy a few more bullets

8. Kill all the bad guys (but only after you reveal

that some good guys are bad and worse than the

bad guy you were originally after who turns out

to be easier to kill than expected)

9. Throw in convoluted ending (like my previous

parenthetical remark)

10. Have more sex

For Pete's sake, people this is a cable channel movie. Enjoy it for the adrenaline and the visual pleasure. Don't get hung up on thinking about it. I'll watch this one again, if there isn't anything else on, or I need an Yvonne Scio fix.

Reviewed by tarbosh22000 6 / 10

One of the better Nu-Image titles out there.

At some point in the future, world governments have everyone under strict control (hmmm...) so Wade (Hauer) and Merrick (Dacascos) work as smugglers. While in Russia on what seems like a routine smuggling operation, Merrick shoots Wade and leaves him for dead. What Merrick forgot is that this is the future, so, using some form of biomechanical technology, Wade is resurrected. All Wade wants is the money he lost to Merrick during their smuggling, and if there's time, maybe some revenge. He then teams up with a woman named Katya (Scio), and off they go on their mission. Coming up against a large criminal syndicate, they get into a lot of shootouts and fights. Will Wade finally draw a REDLINE in the sand? Not to be confused with any of the other myriad movies with the name Redline (most of which are about cars), this one, of course, is the Nu-Image production starring Rutger Hauer and Mark Dacascos. Tom Berenger, "Turbo" and the rest of the gang from Cutaway (2000) are nowhere to be seen. Sure, Redline shopped for its influences at the same store as everybody else: Robocop (1987), Total Recall (1990), Demolition Man (1993), and, of course, Blade Runner (1982) - but thanks to healthy doses of violence and nudity, it's a largely entertaining watch. At worst, it's a painless one, anyway.

Rutger Hauer is an underrated actor and a fan favorite, and he looks a lot like Robert Redford in this particular outing. Actually, better than Redford looks now. Of course, Wade is ex-CIA and since he's the hero, he's subjected to his Prerequisite Torture, but on the bright side, when he comes up against what can only be described as Corey Haim-style Rollerboys, it appears he calls the lead Rollerboy "Butthead" and they all go blading away in fear for their lives. It helps a lot that his sidekick is Yvonne Scio, and that she shoots and beats up the baddies with the best of them. Fellow fan favorite Dacascos, here as the antagonist, complete with goatee and accent, provides good balance to the film overall, though he only displays his Martial Arts abilities in one scene. He previously teamed up with director Takacs with the prior year's Sabotage (1996), and evidently Takacs liked what he saw, so he used him again here. It worked out well.

Yes, there is a lot of clichéd dialogue and many scenes are very darkly lit, but because it was a movie about the future that was made in the 90's, naturally we get some VR. It wouldn't be complete without the VR, of course. Plus, Redline was ahead of its time with scenes of drones attacking people, characters use FaceTime, and a woman who looks suspiciously like Hillary Clinton is "The President". Hopefully not all their predictions come true. But all in all it has a nice pace, especially considering its running time, so it adds up to being one of the better Nu-Image titles out there. It compares favorably to other 90's Rutger future movies such as Split Second (1992). The end result is better-than-average DTV fare, especially for its late-90's vintage (not the best time for DTV, for those who don't know).

Featuring the enjoyable and wonderfully incongruous end-credits song "Dub 1 Dub" by the Axel Boys Quartet, if you see Redline on DVD cheap, don't be afraid to add it to your collection.

Reviewed by sjcjrice 3 / 10

A Mess

This movie has two pluses in its favor. First, Rutger Hauer looks great. Second, the sets and art direction are very interesting. The movie has a strange blend of Old World buildings, futuristic props and 1940's style furniture. Other movies (yes, most notably Blade Runner) have used a similar look more successfully, but the total effect was still compelling. I did get the impression, however, that they used the same building over and over and just changed the furniture when it was supposed to be a different location.

Unfortunately, the filmmakers appear to have spent so much money on the set that they had no funds for other essential movie elements such as a script that made sense, costumes for the actresses and an acting coach. I found the plot utterly incomprehensible. I have no idea why any character in the movie did any of the things he/she did. I have no idea what the ending was supposed to mean.

Equally baffling was the fact that the women in the movie wore no clothes. The film is set in Moscow; you'd think they would get cold. Okay, I can understand that prostitutes in brothels are not going to fully clad, but come on--topless women boxers? nude women assassins?

Finally, with the exception of Hauer (who really has given some great performances in his career), no one in this movie can act. NO ONE!! Robbie the Robot gave better line readings.

In short, if you're looking for a movie filled with meaningless violence and even more meaningless sex, you'll love this one.

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