Death Saved My Life


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 5.9 10 316


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Meagan Good as Jade
Darren Goldstein as Shawn Daley
Thom Sesma as Peter
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by lisayoung-47295 9 / 10

Great movie

All-in-all this was a great movie. I thoroughly enjoyed it. However, at times, I couldn't understand what the husband was saying. His accent was thick and he talked very fast. I had to keep rewinding to try to understand what he was saying. Other than that, great movie with a fantastic cast!

Reviewed by mbe2533 3 / 10

Utter Nonsense! Too farfetched for even a Lifetime movie.

I don't understand all of the great reviews. The film made me ask how something this ridiculous could get made. There were at least ten unimaginable events that would not possib!y ever in life come close to happening in real life. NEVER!! Pure stupidity.

Reviewed by TopDawgCritic 7 / 10

One of the better Lifetime movies I've seen

The casting and performances were excellent, especially from the stunningly beautiful Meagan Good who was very convincing in her role. The directing by Seth Jarrett was on point. The pacing for the comfortable 90 min runtime was just right. The cinematography and score were decent. The premise of the story was very good, but was riddled with plot and technical issues. Seasoned TV show writer Barbara Kymlicka took a well thought out "revenge plan" and ended it with the most boring and simplistic way. I was expecting some grand finale, but ended up with one that could've easily bypassed the entire suspenseful middle acts, and left me unsatisfied. A little more though and effort towards the ending would've easily made this TV movie a blockbuster theatre film contender. Never mind the two new account 9 and 10/10 of the four current reviews. This is a solid 7/10, easily losing 2 stars for the bland, boring and lazy ending.

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