Dear Lemon Lima



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Vanessa Marano as Samantha Combs
Melissa Leo as Mrs. Howard
Emma Dumont as Kellie
Elaine Hendrix as Coach Roach
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by razberrisorbet 10 / 10

A simple and sweet film

While "Dear Lemon Lima" may seem too quirky for some viewers, one would have to be a robot to not enjoy its sweet and simple storyline. The opening credits are a sequence of animated bunnies, unicorns, rainbows, and hearts, which might turn off some people, but the doodles are the artwork of a young girl who will remind you of a little sister you affectionately roll your eyes at.

The boy who breaks her heart at the beginning is perfectly prep school pretentious, and the rest of the characters are also humorously eccentric. It's easy to embrace their quirkiness because unlike other similar films such as "Juno", these characters seem more realistic, and the dialogue is more natural.

Some aspects seem implausible, as the school places heavy emphasis on multiculturalism and encourages the prominently white student body to familiarize themselves with other cultures. The charming scenes are tempered by heartrending ones, so the film is not all sunshine and rainbows. The plot is predictable , but the film was is never trying to be mysterious or edgy. Writer-director Susie Yoonessi is simply reminding us of what it's like to be young, in love, heartbroken, and unsure of yourself.

Reviewed by Thistle-3 10 / 10

Celebrating the Quirky Kids

Dear Lemon Lima is a film written and directed by Suzi Yoonessi. It's about a 13 year old girl in Alaska, getting ready to attend an exclusive private high school. From the very beginning, the film charms you, with adorable animation and graphics in the frame. They're images that the main character, Vanessa, uses in her doodles and artwork and scrapbooking. The tone is whimsical, and with so many interesting and unique characters in Vanessa's life, it's easy to let your guard down and get drawn into the fun.

But, do not be fooled. High school is a very serious and scary place. People are cruel to one another. Life is cruel, even if you're a brilliant, sensitive, beautiful girl. And, Vanessa soon finds that her dreams and aspirations might not be the path she will ultimately choose. Melissa Leo, Beth Grant and Eleanor Hutchins are all excellent, as some of the adults in Vanessa's life. But, if the kids aren't believable and worthy of our concern, the film doesn't work. Here, Savanah Wiltfong and the actors and actresses who play her schoolmates capture the joy and pain of teen years perfectly. I saw someone describe it as Napoleon Dynamite meets Juno. There are parallels. The dialogue is smart, the characters are quirky. The scenery is fantastic. The Nichols School is actually in Buffalo. This film is excellent. Dear Lemon Lima gets a 10.

Reviewed by larry-411 8 / 10

Finally a good, clean, family movie for all ages

I attended the World Premiere of "Dear Lemon Lima," one of the highly anticipated "buzz films," at the 2009 Los Angeles Film Festival.

Written and directed by Suzi Yoonessi, this classic coming-of-age story is told through the diary writings of 13-year-old Vanessa (the brilliant Savanah Wiltfong). As a young woman's world is bigger-than-life, the widescreen (2.35:1) format serves to enhance the "no boundaries" view that one experiences as a child. Cleverly quirky snippets of animation add humor where appropriate and were an audience favorite.

Set in Alaska, where her high school's Snowstorm Survivor competition reenacts rich Eskimo traditions, Vanessa and her unlikely band of teammates will battle against all odds to achieve greatness -- think a female "Revenge of the Nerds." "Dear Lemon Lima," has the look of a big budget film, with surprisingly high production values and top-notch art direction capturing perfectly the lush landscape and palette of nature's colors which few ever experience in this outlying region of America.

Academy Award nominee Melissa Leo ("Frozen River") is a delight as a teammate's mother and Shayne Topp is just this side of obnoxious as Vanessa's would-be boyfriend (he just took home the jury award for Outstanding Performance at the festival). Watch for Beth Grant as the over-the-top conservative school principal -- you'll swear she's reprising her role as Kitty Farmer in the classic "Donnie Darko" (a fact which she unashamedly admitted to me after the screening). Writer/director Yoonessi explained in the Q&A that Seattle subbed for Alaska due to budget constraints and beneficial tax credits, but it was important to cast a half-Eskimo actor to portray the character, and she was lucky to find young Wiltfong to fit the bill.

True family movies have become a rarity, and "Dear Lemon Lima," is good, clean fun for all ages. It's clear that this movie was a labor of love for cast and crew.

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