Deadly Inferno


Action / Adventure / Drama / Thriller

IMDb Rating 3.4 10 70

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Stephen Bogaert as Michael
Jodie Dowdall as Claire
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by bcansevgisi 2 / 10

Not the Inferno You'd Expect

A fire slightly larger than a bonfire breaks out in a high-rise trapping some people on the 8th floor. The fire is so small and scattered until the last moments that it seems like it could be put out with a couple of chunky spits. But somehow, it's portrayed as the biggest fire in the city's history. Perhaps it was a different kind of fire as shutting doors keeps the flames out of rooms. Also, the smoke gets intense but less affecting as the fire starts engulfing the building, making the characters breathe with more ease with less coughing. The fire department chief seems confused and clueless all the time like it's his first fire...etc... I especially enjoyed the magically changing shoes of the female character trapped in the building -from high-heels to flats between scenes. The personal dramas of each character is so forced that you can't relate any emotion. You just wish they all died.

In the end, viewers watching this title might really feel like they are in a deadly inferno... but as in 'wasting an hour or so', in Dante's hell.

Reviewed by Leofwine_draca 3 / 10

The Towering Inferno on a minuscule budget

This Canadian TV movie attempts to do a TOWERING INFERNO-type story on a very low budget and the results are unsurprisingly disastrous. The tale is about a bunch of characters trapped inside an office building which is burning down around them. Drama is added by the team of firefighters sent in to rescue them who must face their own perils while there's plenty of sentimentality from an outside character who just so happens to be giving birth while her husband is on the inside.

It's as pitiful as it sounds and a complete waste of time. If the producers really thought a low budget and CGI fire was going to cut it then they were sorely mistaken. The writing is generally poor with an overload of melodrama and sickly-sweet romantic stuff that always seems to be included just so middle-aged women can watch and weep. Needless to say there are no famous faces here. As for the peril, it's non-existent. DEADLY INFERNO? DEADLY DULL, more like.

Reviewed by paulhynes-82420 5 / 10

Over The Top Inferno

Even though this movie was low budget low plot I did enjoy it - it's not the best film to watch but I don't think it's a complete waste of time I have to criticize the plot in some way though like how the fire started in the building in the first place was just plan daft it was just a silly way to start this film everything else is what you expect out of a fire rescue film it does grip you in someway how will the people trapped in the building be saved another thing to point out is the firefighters go into the building on the floor where there are gas explosions and fires burning but yet we don't see any of them even the female firefighter wearing there breathing oxygen masks and equipment? what was the point of them wearing that safety gear if they where not gonna shoot any scenes of them wearing their breathing masks etc the actors must have thought that as well I doubt that would happen in real life it had some good parts and tragic parts too although the film was too short if you want someone to pass the time then this film is watchable

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