Dead Bang


Action / Crime / Drama / Thriller

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 33%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Spilled 43%
IMDb Rating 6.1 10 3427


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Tate Donovan as John Burns
Don Johnson as Jerry Beck
William Forsythe as Arthur Kressler
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by ODDBear 8 / 10

Fast paced and exciting

Don Johnson plays real life police detective Jerry Beck who's hot a the trail of a white supremacist group that's leaving behind them a bloody trail.

This a fast paced, gritty and exciting police thriller that's criminally underrated. It may be a bit clichéd at times, but Frankenheimer keeps things moving along nicely.

Don Johnson is excellent as Beck, also a very underrated actor in my opinion. His tough guy attitude is never taken to extreme and his confrontations with straight arrow FBI agent Forsyth are well played out. Supporting cast does well also. It's well written, with some genuine laughs along the way (the Woody Allen bit is hilarious and the vomit scene also) and has enough action sequences to keep it from ever slowing down too much.

Fans of action-suspense thrillers should definitely check this one out.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 7 / 10

"There's more out there, than death and taxes".

Wow... what can I say? I wasn't much a fan of Don Johnson and didn't really care for the TV series "Miami Vice" (give me "Magnum P.I" any day). However John Frankenheimer seemed to be on somewhat of a run through the 80s with "The Challenge", "52- Pick-up", "Holcroft Covenant"... ah scrap that one. I guess he wasn't on much a run, but "Dead-Bang" surprised me just how much fun this durable, if offbeat pulp was. Predictable, but bold and ultra-fun law enforcement thriller. This was mainly due to Johnson's hard-nosed performance. Looking bemused and rather scruffy with a very witty script to work with as there were some hilarious lines of banter. The highlight would have to be Johnson's vomit sequence on a suspect after an exhausting chase and the unorthodox methods in getting the job done.

Jerry Beck is one burnt out L.A detective whose personal life is on the skids, so he lives for his job. Looking on a case involving the murder of a convenient store owner and cop, leads to something much bigger when he finds himself tailing a gang of murderous white supremacists to Colorado.

In all; it's dumb, crude, snappy and loud while containing white supremacists using automatic weapons but like a good Frankenheimer feature the violently hard-hitting action was well-staged, well-framed with its camera angles and it moved at a fast clip. The story is taken from Beck's true-life exploits of his novel, where we are taken for one hell of a ride as Frankenheimer really pushes it to the brink. When it came to showing off the film's firepower, it's an outrageous assault and ballsy in its execution.

William Forsythe can be just as amusing playing uptight, than say crazy (watch "Out for Justice" for that) as the FBI agent who gets on the wrong side of Beck. Penelope Ann Miller also seems to walk onto set; sweet talks Johnson and beds him to suddenly disappear. Was I missing something there? Quite an unnecessary sub-plot involving her character. Also making appearances are Bob Balaban, Tate Donovan, Mickey Jones, Brad Sullivan (the exchanges between him and Johnson were a treat "You don't need a gun chief. Just tell them who you are."), Tim Reid, William Taylor and Michael Jeter finding himself at the end of a Woody Allen joke.

"F**k you Sheriff! And your french fries"

Reviewed by g-amp-smckenzie 7 / 10

Anything but a dead bang....

Another one of those TV stars who moved into movies this sadly has been put alongside with Caruso's JADE but on closer inspection all movies are not that bad..... Dead Bang is a fairly run of the mill cop against bad guys type thing but what takes it out of the run of the mill is the direction from Frankenheimer & the star turn from Johnson. Johnson gives a great performance as the stressed cop,we can see the frustration in Beck's life either doing his job or trying to see his kids,his acting is done very well & not over the particular the xmas morning bust Beck makes..the start of the scene we see the alcoholic sweats to later on being sick all over the suspect. The supporting cast however do not raise their game to give the support Johnson needs with William Forsythe in particular giving a completely wooden performance which is surprizing as he has been so much better.

The action scenes are handled very well indeed...The gunfights(are they're are a few) are not to Hollywood for my liking.

On the whole a very enjoyable movie & it shows that Don Johnson should have been a movie star.

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