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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by HumanoidOfFlesh 5 / 10

Slightly average slasher flick.

A psycho-killer is on the loose at Janet Templeton's family farm.When Janet's sister is brutally murdered,her boyfriend and her family become targets of the killer's psychotic and passionate aggression."Darkroom" is a fairly routine slasher flick that offers literally nothing new for the fans of this sub-genre.The pace is painfully slow and almost all the killings are committed off-screen.The acting is bad and there is absolutely no suspense."Darkroom" was produced by Nico Mastorakis,but his sleazy and infamous "Island of Death" is much better than this piece of mediocrity.Give it only a look,if you are a collector of obscure and forgotten slasher flicks.5 out of 10 and that's being generous.

Reviewed by BA_Harrison 5 / 10

Warning: this film contains graphic mullet fondling.

Produced by Nico Mastorakis, of Island of Death infamy, but directed by Terrence O'Hara, Darkroom is an obscure late-'80s horror that owes a debt to the Italian giallo genre in in its opening scenes, but which descends more and more into tired American slasher territory as the plot progresses.

The giallo elements are evident in the opening double murder, in which an unseen photographer, who has been spying on a married couple with his high-powered lens, dons yellow rain coat and rubber gloves before picking up a hatchet to kill his subjects. The maniac then sets his sights on the family of pretty teen Janet (Jill Pierce), who has gone to visit her folk at their remote farmhouse. One by one, the family members are picked off, leaving Janet and her mulleted boyfriend Steve (Jeff Arbaugh) to try and stay alive until help arrives.

With pedestrian direction, a weak script featuring dreadful dialogue and obvious red herrings, and most of the deaths occurring off-screen, Darkroom is, for the most part, predictable trash, O'Hara even seeing fit to throw in a gratuitous shower scene (for which I am grateful - it helped to alleviate the tedium). Admittedly, I was impressed by the number of family members who fall victim to the killer, and surprised by the film's flirtation with the taboo subject of incest (although, thinking about Mastorakis's debut movie, I shouldn't have been), but the majority of the film is so by-the-numbers that it all proves rather mundane.

4.5 out of 10, rounded up to 5 for the creative opening credits, which were apparently the work of Mastorakis.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 4 / 10

"Jesus, talk about the boonies".

Wow… that was creative use of opening credits (which supposedly Nico Mastorakis directed), but sadly that's where it ends. The obscure "Darkroom" is a very mediocre late 80s slasher produced by infamous film-maker Mastorakis (the man behind the controversial "Island of Death"). This run-of-the-mill psycho-slasher has maybe one or two effective stalk and slash set-pieces, but for most part it's a vapid experience level at its flatfooted direction, drawn out pacing, poorly disguised mystery and lacklustre performances (saved by Sara Lee Wade). Actually there's a lot wrong with it; however it remains viewable for some unknown reason. Where did they get this tacky sounding score from, it sounded like something that you would find in a TV episode. The setting does work to its favour though, being an isolated farmhouse (which looks like the one in another Mastorakis produced film; "Grandmother's House") and scrubby surroundings for this terror to unfold. Everything about it is telegraphed, from its attempts at suspense to its twisted reveal. There's nothing subtle about the writing, as the script delivers some strange dialogues, random developments and a typically clichéd back-story illuminating the killer's motivation. In the past he saw something he shouldn't and this made him a disturbed, ominous individual who likes voyeurism and snaps photographs of his victims before and after his done the deal. The pace plods with characters acting suspicious, but the back-end does pick-up the energy with the cat and mouse interplay, but it goes about it in a completely daft and contrived manner.

"I want you to die"

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