Dark Tower


Horror / Mystery / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.2 10 593

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Jenny Agutter as Carolyn Page
Theodore Bikel as Max Gold
Carol Lynley as Tilly
Anne Lockhart as Elaine
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by knightcrawler-1 7 / 10

It's pretty good for the 80's and not laden with CGI.

It is a pretty good ghost story for the 80's, it's not filled up with bad CGI either. The dialog could have been better, some scene's make you cringe a little because they feel awkward. Michael Moriarty is not a great actor. He always seems like he's has difficulty communicating. The phone scene in the beginning of the film is painful. Bad Directing maybe? Jenny Agutter looks lovely and her performance is fine most of the time. The quality of the film seems low budget at times and acceptable at others. I watched it on TV late at night so it was edited. I'd like to see the unedited version.

The ending is fun and also predictable. It does bring up questions about whether there is justice in the afterlife.

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 5 / 10

"There are many stranger deaths than this one".

Like most the time. Cool poster artwork (striking enough to draw you in), but a so-so feature. Oh the disappointment. However it wasn't just the cover that caught my attention, but the cast was another draw-card featuring the likes of Jenny Agutter, Michael Moriarty and Kevin McCarthy. The trio managed to bring some dependable class to something of a predictably mundane and clinical ghost story of a haunted skyscraper. The classy Agutter elegantly glows and a laid-back Moriarty has that magnetic presence that I could be entertained by a film about him painting a fence. Character actor McCarthy is a delight as a washed-up physic, even though his role in quite small.

Architect Carolyn Page heads to office for some quiet time, but instead witness the unusual death of a window cleaner being slammed against her window and then plummeting to his death. Security officer Dennis Randall looks into it thinking that it was an accident, but then the deaths continue within the building. He comes to the conclusion that there's something unnatural going on and it has somewhat to do with Carolyn. So he seeks the help from a professor of paranormal field to uncover the building's dark secret.

It's low-grade handling shows and there's a real lack of imagination in its workman-like execution, despite the presence of director Freddie Francis (who would be replaced half-way through by co-writer/producer Ken Wiederhorn --- who was behind such films as "Shock Waves" and "Return of the Living Dead Part 2"). Nonetheless the Barcelona locations are beautifully projected, the high rise building does bestow some effectively moody moments and Stacy Widelitz's music score is alarmingly eerie. The opening death is quite well done and rather creepy, but the pacing from then onwards is too sluggish concentrating on its constant mystery / investigative elements before breaking loose in its dying stages with some haunting imagery. Nothing wrong with that, but being all build-up it's not all that hard to figure out how it's going to end. There's a lot of talk and too little shocks or atmospheric tension being sustained. It felt more like an extended episode out of "Tales from the Crypt", but it did have that old-fashion, guilt-ridden, slow-burn Gothic feel that could have been better implemented. There's limited FX on show, but commendably used. The rest of the performances; Theodore Bikel hams it up as the Doctor of the physic field and there's able support by Carol Lynley and Anne Lockhart.

"Dark Tower" is a grim, but blotchy little forgotten b-grade horror offering

Reviewed by VanillaLimeCoke 5 / 10

Decent 80s horror thriller but ending is total let down

So I saw this on NetFlix and was looking for a nice scary horror thriller. Hopefully one that wasn't gory and laced with strong profanity, just one that was scary.

Watching this seemed like a very under rated film and was somewhat enjoyable. It was no 1408 or the Shining but it seemed to be only a few steps behind that.

The main premise is that this lady has designed this tall office building. She's the architect. But strange deaths start occurring. The place is obviously haunted. But by what? One detective eventually sees the supposed ghost and tries doing some research. He soon realizes that he has psychic powers better than some shrink (or her patient through a psychic exercise of guessing colors and numbers) he hires to investigate the building.

The film moves a bit slow but the suspense is quite interesting as the psychiatrist tries to communicate to the unrest-ed spirit to try and set things right.

One main interesting thing is how they keep showing the inside of the elevator shaft as the elevator is going up/down.

But the ending is disappointing and not pretty as more people die and not even clear to why the lady killed her ex-husband nor even why his spirit kills all those other people instead of just getting back at the wife. It's not the ending I wanted nor even expected.

This film sort of reminded a bit of that 'Tower' movie I reviewed back in the summer, only this time instead of the security system going berserk its a ghost.

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