Dangerous Company


Action / Thriller

IMDb Rating 4.7 10 280


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Jillian Peterson as Susan McBride
Anne De Salvo as Anne Marie Roth
Deidee Deionne as Officer Cruz
Alicia Leigh Willis as Pauline Mitchell
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by carolynocean 5 / 10


I have mxed views on this one. The plot was a good one, and the cast a strong one, good acting all round, no faults there.

But , my problem is that, from the very beginning , I felt that I knew exactly where this was going , way too predictable.

Too much was given away in the beginning, not leaving much room for any air of mystery or suspense.

The average viewer will see exactly whats coming down the line here.

So , for lack of imagination ,and not enough depth , I am not rating it highly.,

It's a pity because, it could have been such a good movie , had they tried to develop the the plot a bit more and perhaps have thrown in a few red herrings to distract us from what was just too obvious all along .

Reviewed by phd_travel 7 / 10

Dementia - the lifetime thriller

Dementia has been in the forefront with major movies like "Still Alice" showing early onset alzheimer's. It's quite interesting to see the symptoms in our heroine - the owner of a family dress making company facing a buyout. Where's my cell phone! It's Lifetime so there is a bit of a formula feel with the villains very obvious from the beginning. Makes one feel smart.

The cast isn't very familiar but they perform fine. It's the story that counts - remember that writers!

The saving grace is the ending isn't too bad - not unbelievable and makes sense.

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