Dance with Me


Action / Drama / Music / Romance

Rotten Tomatoes Critics - Rotten 51%
Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 67%
IMDb Rating 5.9 10 6003


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Jane Krakowski as Patricia
Vanessa Williams as Ruby Sinclair
Kris Kristofferson as John Burnett
Joan Plowright as Bea Johnson
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by s_rutland 8 / 10

Exquisite display of color, movement and emotion

This movie is very good eye candy. The music and the dancing pulls you into the movie. Sometimes I just forgot that they were telling a story because almost in every scene there was movement, feeling and attention in the dance choreography. It was a wonderful display of dancing and choice in music. Some may not like the movie because it lacks a strong storyline, but there are no new ideas. We all know what hidden behind door number 1, 2 and 3. Nonetheless, it is not that the movie doesn't stray into the unknown; it is that the movie has attraction, heat, and passion especially with the chemistry between Chayanne and Vanessa. I even like the music video that complements the movie. Chayanne has done a great job in his first English role and better yet he has the moves to back it up. Although Vanessa is heard in the movie speaking extremely poor Spanish, she did a wonderful job in the Spanish version of "You are my home" it was great!

Reviewed by chirho33 8 / 10

A Pleasant Surprise

I saw this film by chance on cable TV. I was captivated from the start and stayed with it to the end (a major feat for a remote "trigger finger" like me). I read the cable synopsis and thought, "Uh oh! Cliché city!" But, to my surprise, this film was not clichéd and the film was like a breath of fresh air. The performances, for the most part, were true and honest. Chayenne (as Rafael, a Cuban émigré) is charming and acts well in his English-language film debut. Vanessa Williams is stunning, as always. And the music! Picante! The dance sequences are excellent and Chayenne is an excellent dancer as is Vanessa. Chayenne has a soulful demeanor and with his eyes and subtle facial inflections, he made me feel his loneliness as a stranger in a new land. Many times, I thought the film would sink into gooey sentimentality, but again, to my surprise, it rose above such obviousness. The best scene in the film is when Chayenne is caught in a lawn sprinkler system that turns on unexpectedly. With great charm and wit, Chayenne does an excellent homage to Gene Kelly, but with his own style and grace. A wonderful and funny scene. I recommend this film if you want to hear some great Latin music, see some great dancing and be captivated by Chayenne and the beautiful Vanessa Williams. By the way, Kris Kristofferson is very good as the man who gives Rafael (Chayenne) a place to live upon arriving from Cuba and who plays a key role in Rafael's adjustment to a new life in America.

Reviewed by design4design2002 10 / 10

Superb film

as someone who enjoys dancing and anything Latin i have to say i loved this film. Maybe its because I'm female and can be a bit soppy at times but i loved Rafael and Ruby, and must say I found Rafael Infante very sexy. I thought the dancing was very interesting and had me watching with anticipation and I enjoyed every minute. I'm also a fan of ally McBeal so enjoyed watching Jane Krakowski as Patricia too. which was followed by a very amusing little dance by an older lady whose name i can't remember but who said "I wanna do that too". I loved the outfits and wow Rubys dress in her final dance was amazing! Just hoping it is going to come out on DVD in the UK now!

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