Crime Story

1993 [CN]

Action / Crime / Drama

IMDb Rating 6.8 10 5863

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Jackie Chan as Inspector Eddie Chan
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Dr Worm 7 / 10

Chan's serious side

I don't know the background on this one, but it seemed to be based on a true story, and as such there wasn't a lot of room for Jackie Chan's trademark slapstick stuntwork. Not that there aren't any stunts in Crime Story, but they're just lacking the 'fancy' elements from such films as 'Dragons Forever' or the 'Police Story' series.

Nevertheless, this is a good film, if for nothing else than to see a different side of Jackie Chan in a serious role as a haunted cop without the fancy footwork in some of his other films.

Reviewed by Captain_Couth 9 / 10

Hardcore Jackie Chan!

Crime Story (1993) was a very different Jackie Chan film. He stars as a tough cop who only cares about getting the job done no matter what the cost. What was the change in Jackie's attitude? He had a different director in charge. Instead of doing the job, he hired bleak and gritty film maker Kirk Wong direct the project. Wong likes to make police procedural films based on true cases. This one was no exception. It was a strange sight to see Jackie Chan so serious throughout an entire film. He was one dude who did not want to let the bad guys get away. But expect to see a lot of crazy stunts and violent gun play.

If you don't think Jackie Chan can get down and dirty in a straight forward action film then don't pass this one up. You wont be disappointed.

Highly recommended.

Reviewed by monkeysgalore 10 / 10

One of Chan's Best

Boy, was this entertaining. A gritty and gripping action thriller, Crime Story is easily one of Jackie Chan's best, and one of his most serious roles. It's violent, gritty, dark at times, and manages to retain that same manic energy and insanity that infuses many Hong Kong action classics, only with a harder edge. This could've easily been a Police Story installment, and probably should've been.

Jackie Chan delivers abundantly in the action and stunt department. He gives 100% in what are some truly great stunts. He's also a great actor, and he flexes his dramatic muscles here in a more down-to-earth role. He's playing himself, in super-cop mode once again, but he's humanized a little. He's more vulnerable (not to the point of annoyance like in San ging chaat goo si (2004)), and he's not superhuman. He gets hurt, often, and bleeds a lot too.

The story is engaging and thoroughly entertaining. The kidnappers aren't over-the-top, and they're evil and repulsive enough. A dirty cop, one of the main antagonists, is a big player. The plot requires a dirty cop as usual, but it makes the classy move of showing you who the rat is immediately, and letting you see the story from their perspective as well, instead of leading you on a mystery that's pretty obvious.

The action is bonkers. One of Jackie's most punishing movies, the action is loud and violent. A street shootout erupts, a great car chase occurs (a dude is hit head-on by a car!), there's a massive shootout/rooftop chase/fight, an airport fight scene, and a grin-inducing final battle. The climax is insane. Jackie wields a gun frequently in this movie, which I contend is interesting, as we don't see him use a gun often in his movies. The stunts are crazy, and that boat scene was just brutal.

Kirk Wong is an action master. I saw his American movie The Big Hit (1998), which I also loved, and both that and this are full of that crazy Hong Kong action. Wong should've done more action movies. Can't believe he didn't do at least one Van Damme vehicle like Hark and Lam.

Highly recommend this bad boy. Full of strong performances, full-throttle action, and tight editing and camerawork, Crime Story is a career highlight for Jackie Chan.

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