Cowspiracy: The Sustainability Secret



Rotten Tomatoes Audience - Upright 88%
IMDb Rating 8.2 10 22754

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Kip Andersen as Self - Film Co-Director
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by pspdfoundation 10 / 10

The Most Motivating Documentary Of All Time

Be prepared to get blown away by the SHOCKING truth that world leaders, charities and even the BIGGEST environmental organizations don't have the courage or willpower to address.

Chickens, turkeys pigs and cows are collectively the LARGEST producers of methane in the U.S... Methane is 20x more powerful at trapping heat in the earth's atmosphere than carbon dioxide.

The meat, egg and dairy industries produce 65% of the worldwide nitrous oxide emissions... Nitrus oxide is 300x more powerful at trapping heat in the earth's atmosphere than carbon dioxide...

What does this mean? Well... Regardless of the fact that most agree we 'could and should' be powering the world with solar within the next 10 years, all of our attempts to burn less fuel, install solar panels, use less water, recycle, drive hybrid etc. etc. etc. are shocking diversions away from the far far FAR more relevant environmental hazards that are inherent to the way the meat industry is operating today...

Whether you believe in climate change or not, this movie will appeal to everyone who enjoys learning about powerful institutions being dishonest and misleading to the public in order to protect profits. And after watching this movie it becomes clear that those 'promoting' the climate change train of thought are not BEING HONEST about the true causes and sources of green house gasses! Another great thing about this movie is the clever animation cuts that offer the viewers not only a great experience but also chance to end up feeling much more knowledgeable with some new seriously interesting facts! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED. HIGHLY RELEVANT.

Reviewed by chel-147-830191 10 / 10

Longest overdue film

Kip's "life was simple, not a care in the world", until he saw a documentary on global warming and everything changed.

Not too happy about our planet's ghastly prognosis, he wanted to do his best to conserve our limited resources. He became an "O.C.E." - Obsessive Compulsive Environmentalist - and began recycling, composting, taking shorter showers, turning the faucet off while brushing his teeth, replacing inefficient light bulbs, turning lights off when leaving a room and riding his bike everywhere he went.

None of his efforts seemed to help much, instead, as years went by, things were getting worse. Kip then read an unprecedented United Nation's report and once again, everything changed... this time for good. The "sustainability secret" was unveiled and that's when this fun journey begins.

"Cowspiracy" is the longest overdue film; it is audacious, poignant and funny. Kip's interviews expose the selfish and shameless agenda behind some of the biggest "Environmental" Organizations in a way that both opens eyes and entertains.

Those who take pleasure in witnessing the unmasking of the powerful and negligent who only are moved by dollar signs will find "Cowspiracy" to be an aphrodisiac.

Reviewed by susan-225 10 / 10

Courageous Eye-Opener to the #1 Environmental Problem: Animal Agriculture

This is a major movie event, a real eye opener, documenting why animal agriculture is the #1 contributor to greenhouse gases, the #1 environmental problem , the leading cause of rain forest destruction and habitat loss, creating massive amounts of untreated waste and using far more of our precious aquifers than if we all simply ate a plant-based diet.

It's not a message most meat eaters and dairy users want to hear, as it's not easy to eat vegan in a culture so oriented to meat consumption. And it's not a message environmental groups acknowledge, a mystery explored by this courageous film maker. After learning that over 1100 activists were murdered in Brazil after protesting conversion of rain forests to animal agriculture, he considered putting the lid on this project.

But it was too important not to get the message out, he realized. The answer to so many environmental problems is right in front of us. It costs nothing, can be implemented today and simply requires people to switch to a plant based diet, which could amply feed several times our current population with the same production as today.

One of the most startling statements of the film was this: even if we stopped all systems of transportation (cars, trains, trucks, planes etc.) and turned off our utilities, we would still have irreversible damage from global warming, so long as we continued to raise so many animals for food.

The take away from this film is, go ahead and conserve energy, put solar on your roof, change to LED light bulbs, minimize long trips. But first, switch to a plant-based diet.

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