COVID-19: The System

2020 [DUTCH]

Documentary / Fantasy

IMDb Rating 4.4 10 131

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by FilmMcCool 1 / 10

On youtube you would be booted off.

People on social media platforms are at the least being given warnings and at the most having their accounts cancelled for touting unproven information like this. While I am not a fan of censorship the CoronaVirus is just too dangerous for unproven information to be allowed masquerade as fact. I have noticed since the beginning of the Covid outbreak when you had the likes of David Icke claiming all sorts even that 5G was the cause, lately he has gone very quiet as the virus mutates and the infectiousness of the virus gets worse. This Pandemic is to deadly for a lot of people to allow either misinformed or self serving people to spread fake facts about the Pandemic. Our information must come from the scientists and medical people working at the coal face, some even loosing their lives in an effort to keep the rest of us safe. Please do not waste you time with this kind of stuff but if you must watch it please do not spread the so called misinformation they call facts, do some research first.

Reviewed by stylemessiah 1 / 10

Clickbait fuel for conspiracy nuttters

Dont even need to watch it to know its clickbait and will only appeal to the fringies who will believe anything

Reviewed by m0v13l0v3r 1 / 10

Using Covid denier momentum for PR

What better way to make money these days then with denying everything and playing facebook doctor. This movie is one of the reasons Lockdowns even take place. They are only there to fuel the mistrust even more while claiming to be "independent". They make money of this wanna-be-scientific non-sense and people who otherwise would buy crystals love this movie because it gives them a reason to not be safe and just deny reality. I was amazed he didn't mention 5G, Chemtrails, FlatEarth or Lizard people but they propably didn't want to be an easy target.

The concept is pretty smart. Put it on youtube for free for 2 weeks and then charge people for it.

  • Very One sided "Documentary"
  • Not one person with a mask in this movie.
  • States fault that there is not enough place in hospitals, so lets just open everything up.
  • Protagonist doesn't understand how vaccines work.
  • Bill Gates of course.
  • CoVid19 is just like Influenza.
  • Pharma bad.
  • Protagonist almost dies from heart infact, pharma good enough to save him there.
  • Hypnotizing music in the background at all times to increase fear.
  • Protagonist seem jealous that he is "not" making money now.
  • Why not make a movie then.
  • Lets add anti capitalism, while asking money for this "documentary".
  • Poor people will pay/donate money to this scammer.
  • Anti-Tech, but uses tech and social media themselfs.
  • Throws in BLM for no reason at all.
  • Asking for civil war.
  • Shows HK protest in context of italians not getting money.
  • Against polarisation, but itself pushes polarisation.
  • Is for independence, uses youtube and facebook to distribute itself.
  • Back to normal and 5% will die, no problem.
  • 500k dutch people can die... 2x more then WW2.

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