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Samantha Stewart as Casting Director
Christine Barger as Tourist Photographer
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by favoritedaughter 10 / 10

Adored this Movie!!!

This film was extremely touching and is one that I believe everyone should watch. Ginger is trying to find herself and break away from her controlling mother. She finally finds something for herself and tries to open up to it little by little. As the film progresses, Ginger progresses along with it. We see her unfold into the talented, beautiful young woman she truly is to us and others.

This film deserves to have a theater release to the public. The film is superb as well as the character development. The story is completely solid and the setting is amazing. People should hear Ginger's story. I'm planning on hosting a small movie party this Friday and featuring this movie! Watch it, share it, and enjoy!

Reviewed by dawnv-736-797695 10 / 10

Great Movie!

This movie was so good! I absolutely loved the cast. The setting was just perfect. I love that it took place in Venice beach because I visit there all the time. The plot was fantastic!The story line was so unique which really intrigued me. You don't usually see movies about clowns for adults and I thought it was great! I must say Ginger was my favorite out of the whole cast. She seemed to be the most "real" out of all of them. It really kept me interested throughout the whole movie which is hard to find now a days. This is on the list of some of my favorite movies.

I will definitely be telling my friend about this movie. Great Work!

Reviewed by molly-222 10 / 10

A fun movie with realistic characters

This movie is about finding your voice by figuring out who you are and what you want. Ginger is a good girl, does what her mother says and stays in her shadow, but she desperately wants to break free and be herself. Problem is she doesn't know who that is yet and she's too timid to attempt to find out. I really loved the "feel" of this movie, I was brought into the world of street performers and showed a unique lifestyle I had never seen or understood before. They are like a true family that accepts you and helps you blossom, not hold you back with their ideals. As I was in a similar situation not too long ago I could really relate to Ginger and found myself rooting for her (and wishing I could give her advice lol) as the movie progressed. Now I really want to read the book!

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