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Lois Chiles as Ruth
M. Emmet Walsh as Colonel Crouse
Ronny Cox as Pete Canfield
William Russ as Sonny
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by goya-4 8 / 10

An overlooked film

About long distance runners who are kidnapped by some vigilantes in the desert in New Mexico. This movie was one of those late night is a very suspenseful film that you will not change the channel from.. A very worthwhile rental that will keep you engaged from start to the bitter end..on a scale of one to ten..8

Reviewed by lost-in-limbo 8 / 10

"Those guys are really scary".

How's this for an opening; Ronny Cox's dunking his fingers in gooey vaseline jelly then slapping it on nice n thick between his toes. If that doesn't get you pumped... well, next we see Art Hindle putting a shirt slow motion as the camera pans in admiring the sight with fluttering synth music to get the blood boiling. Now that I got you hooked. The story follows three marathon runners in the New Mexican desert being tormented at first by a fanatical group of motorbike-riding survival wannabe militants (the type that don't like the phrase "playing soldiers"), then after a fatal incident between the two groups, these runners have to fight for their lives if they want to reach the finish line.

"RAW COURAGE" is your systematic, but extremely well-made and gripping survival thriller in the tradition of "DELIVERANCE" and "RITUALS". There's no beating around the bush, yet in some ways I think it matches those films with its tight build-up, well-rounded characters, impactful emotions and exhausting suspense. For Ronny Cox, he's no stranger to this, as obviously starring in "DELIVERANCE", he co-writes the story and even gets into a beat-down with the crackpot militant leader played by M. Emmet Walsh, who at one stage grabs Cox by the scrotum. All's fair in love and war, I guess.

We watch these men, fighting dehydration, drenched in sweat, covered in dirt reverting to primal instincts, but at the same time never letting their humanity become forgotten. It's a true testament of survival of the fittest, as they are pushed to the limit, emotionally and psychically by the surrounding elements and what's in front of them. Where upon every encounter the tension and vulnerability builds. And for that, I do like the low-key (if predictable) ending, which gives you a chance to catch your breath.

Reviewed by Coventry 8 / 10

From zero to hero in 72 miles

It's truly incomprehensible how some rubbishy movies are so popular and easily available whilst, at the same time, there still are such wonderful gems out there that sadly remain obscure and undiscovered. I doubt many people have ever heard of "Death Run" (a.k.a "Courage" and "Raw Courage"). I hadn't heard about it either, before an even bigger movie-buff than myself recommended it to me. It's a damn shame that this film is so underrated because it's a terrifically tense and action-packed 80's thriller with great acting performances as well as a solid screenplay and a unique setting. "Death Run" is more or less Ronny Cox' one-man-project. This shamefully neglected B-movie star co-wrote, produced and starred as one the lead characters, and he did a tremendously fine job in all three areas. Three generations of ambitious runners decide to run through the desert area for charity. Pete Canfield (Cox) is the elderly guy who never was quite satisfied with what he accomplished in life, Craig (Tim Maier) is the young lad who's constantly put under pressure by his dominant father and middle-aged Roger (Art Hindle) is the potent friend who endless supports and consults the other two. Deep into the desert, the trio encounters a bunch of crazed wannabe-military vigilantes from Denver (led by the sneering M. Emmet Walsh, who's once again in great shape). When their dangerous "training exercises" go awry and result into a fatal accident, the protagonists literally have to run for their lives, as the vigilantes won't allow them to reach the end of the desert alive. And since it's incredibly hard to outrun maniacs on motorcycles, they may even have to put up a fight. "Death Run" is drama, satire, action, and revenge-exploitation all in one. The premise is simple but effective and especially the villains are menacingly realistic. Crazed and trigger-happy vigilantes form a much bigger threat than, say, giant desert worms or space invaders and hence the suspense is much more genuine. The script makes full use of the inescapable desert location, with all its natural death traps and hideout places. There are some unexpected surprises and effective shocks to experience in this movie and the sober musical guidance is excellent. Personally, I think the ending could have been a little better, but generally speaking "Death Run" is an awesome film and here's to hoping a fancy DVD-release will follow soon. Recommended, for sure.

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