Comedy / Drama / Romance

IMDb Rating 7.4 10 75

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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Blues_007 1 / 10


I endured about half of it, but when the activity totally stopped in the middle I could not force myself to keep watching. This movie is a phony, and not in some funny way. Maybe the second half of this movie is great, justifying high average rating? I'm afraid I'll never know. I used to speak like figures in this movie when I was a teenager in the high school. But I grew up and stopped such pseudo-intelligent blabbering. If they are serious with this kind of speech then it is pathetic, if they wanted to be funny then they failed, it is not funny at all. I'm not saying people who enjoyed this movie are somehow simple, it may be the other way around, maybe I'm too handicapped to appreciate it.

Reviewed by kojisan23 9 / 10

A Love Story a guy can love

What a fine film we have here. The dialogue is funny and intelligent while the drama is captivating and moving. This love story begins as a buddy film between the lead and his co-star (who really steals the show). Even as it moves into the romance (I loved the leading lady) it never really becomes a "chick flick" - not that there's anything wrong with those. It is touching, humorous, dramatic and a bit magical. I saw it at the Muskegon Film Festival and it was the best film there. I don't recognize any of the players, but would love to see them again -- and Mr. Hood, please keep making films of this quality!

Reviewed by kojisan23 9 / 10

Good Indy, Bad Dates

This one's a must see. The dialogue is superb, the production is excellent, and the acting is good. This is a love story that isn't a chick-flick so has a chance to appeal to men and women. Laughter prevailed through the first third of the film and love and drama took it to climax and conclusion. Rob's friend (yes, that's the actual credit -- I don't get it) was terrific and I found myself wishing for a lot more screen time for Leslie. I'm not sure where I've seen Rob, but I know I have and he gave a gutty performance. There were only a couple times during the film when I wished the editor had spent some prudent minutes clipping some excellent moments to make a leaner, tighter film. Still, this one truly will make you laugh and cry. Look for it, and when you find it...pop some corn with real movie butter and enjoy.

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