Confidential: Secret Market



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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by Bunuel1976 7 / 10

CONFIDENTIAL: SEXUAL MARKET (Noburo Tanaka, 1974) ***

This was another Japanese film I had never heard of prior to its appearance during the Italian TV "After Hours" programme. Considering the clearly exploitative title (apparently this was just one of a series of such films!), I was expecting a sort of Asian semi-documentary of the "Mondo" variety but instead it turned out to be a reasonably compelling character drama with a good leading performance from Meika Seri as a young but strong-willed prostitute surviving in modern-day Japan.

While it's basically a series of often perverse sexual encounters between Seri and a variety of clients (and it's certainly the most explicit out of all the Asian flicks I've watched recently), the film also follows her relationship with her dysfunctional 'family': the mother is an ageing prostitute whose clients are beginning to shun her for her daughter, especially after she has been newly impregnated; her retarded brother is allowed to spy on the love-making and the girl (without any real thought of abuse or even incest) occasionally indulges him as well because, as she tells him: "After all, you're a man too!"; her pimp is a selfish bully but she manages to stand up to him, after which he is forced to take on a couple of needy and inexperienced lovers instead (an episode which has a literally explosive conclusion).

However, the most surprising factor about the film is how well it's actually made with the inventive camera-work being of special interest; near the end (the scene of the retarded boy going mad and committing suicide, and which features footage involving a chicken that wouldn't go down well with Animal Rights activists!) it switches briefly to color, albeit with a heavy bluish tone. The eclectic music score – alternating between synthesizer/heavy-rock passages and traditional Japanese songs – is another major asset.

Interestingly, while the lead actress later appeared (in a supporting role) in Nagisa Oshima's notorious sex-fest AI NO CORRIDA aka IN THE REALM OF THE SENSES (1976), director Noburo Tanaka had actually filmed that same story himself under the name A WOMAN CALLED SADA ABE (1975)!

Reviewed by Falconeer 8 / 10

Stark & brutal expose about prostitution

Having seen many films on the subject of prostitution, I can honestly say that "She Beast Market" is one of the most harrowing and bleak examinations of the subject. Sordid and sleazy, but somehow never exploitative, "Beast Market" focuses on 2 young women involved in the life of street prostitution. One girl is rather new to the scene, and therefore has retained a kind of naive innocence, while the second girl is much more jaded, and hardened by the life. One girl maintains hope that she will escape her brutal reality, while the second girl is completely resigned to this life. We also are witness to one of the most extreme cases of 'mother/daughter' competition, as the one girl's mother is also a prostitute, who is quite bitter and jealous of her daughter's youth and beauty. The two women despise each other and make no secret of the fact.

This movie covers it all; sadomasochistic johns, incest, back alley abortions, mental illness, and ultimately death for one tortured soul. The reason the production never seems exploitative is the fact that the sexual content, is so unpleasant, and the subject matter so incredibly grim..I can't imagine anyone being titillated by what is happening on screen, even though the sex is quite graphic at times. The most impressive thing about "Beast Market" is probably it's starkly beautiful black & white photography, which perfectly compliments the bleak storyline and landscape. Seedy apartments, sleazy bars and shadowy alleys come to life when photographed with this gritty black & white film stock. This is also a very sad movie, and I didn't expect to become so involved in the stories of these character. Certainly a masterpiece of it's genre, this is a very rare and obscure title, that should be seen by any fan of art house cinema, if the opportunity comes their way. Highly recommended.

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