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Chris Pine as Luther Scott
Daniel Kountz as Malachi
Robert Pine as Senator Givens
Peter Greene as Detective William Fletcher
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by gradyharp 8 / 10

Within the Sanctity of the Confessional Murder can be Secret

Jonathan Myers makes an impressive film debut as writer/director of CONFESSION, a very well done film that unfortunately went direct to DVD. Though the script is at times a bit clumsy and the control over the arch of emotion from the actors could be tighter, the film succeeds as a thriller, beautifully capturing the mysteries of the Catholic traditions.

In a private, expensive Catholic Prep School Luther Scott (Chris Pine) is a business minded renegade, supplying the student body with booze, porn movies, and other off limits paraphernalia. His hesitant roommate Robbie (Lukas Behnken) assists him but on a turnkey night their partying dorm is visited by the headmaster Father Thomas Parker (Bruce Davison) with a potential rich Senator's student son: the party is over. The boys are all subjected to questioning as to the source of the contraband and one student informs on Luther and Robbie and in a fit of anger Luther pushes the student to his death while disguised/dressed as a priest. Luther makes Robbie promise to keep their secret and Luther 'absolves' himself in the confessional where he admits his murderous act to the kind Father Michael Kelly (Cameron Daddo). Obeying the rules that words said in confessional must remain secret, Father Kelly becomes suspect as the perpetrator and elects to remain silent. The manner in which Luther and Robbie cope with the arrest of an innocent man and the resolution of the crime provide the exciting if a bit predictable conclusion to the story.

The cast is variable but generally fine, especially Australian actor Cameron Daddo and young Chris Pine, allowing us to understand the rites of the Church without condescension. The cinematography is moodily atmospheric and the musical score by Ryan Shore admixes ecclesiastic tones with contemporary mood music. Given that this is a first film for Myers it is one worth examining for the potential it carries. Grady Harp

Reviewed by Tss5078 8 / 10

The Ultimate Movie Review! -

This B-Movie gem is the first leading role for Chris Pine, and it may be his best role to date. Pine plays Luther, the "bad" kid at Catholic school who can get you anything you want. He is however caught and along with his roommate, he is quickly booted out of school. Luther becomes obsessed with finding out who turned him in and when he does, the boy mysterious turns up dead. At a similar time, someone confesses to Priest Michael Kelly, who now knows who and why, but can't say anything. As a result Kelly quickly becomes a suspect leading up to a tremendous finally. Pine, best known as the "new" Captain Kirk was just fantastic. It's a shame this is a B-Movie, because if it had been a major release, he would have gained the recognition he deserves a lot sooner. This film is tremendous, I saw it as a modern day Shakespearean tragedy. It has life, death, religion, intrigue, and much more. It's a great film that fell way under the radar!

Reviewed by moviesleuth2 10 / 10

A truly gripping thriller

"Confession" is both a thriller and a tragedy. There are no "evil" characters in this film, just people who make mistakes and don't know what to do after them.

At a prestigious Catholic prep school, bad boy Luther (Chris Pine) is the guy the boys go to when they want booze, porn or movies. After he throws a party in the dorm, he gets himself and his weak-willed roommate Robbie (Lukas Benkham) expelled. When Luther realizes that the school nerd, David Bennet (Adam Bussell) was the rat, they want revenge, and David ends up dead. Now the police are sniffing around, fingering a priest, Father Kelly, as the killer. Father Kelly was the last one to see David alive when he told the priest that he snitched on Luther. But what they don't know is that Luther confessed to killing David, which means that as the police are gathering evidence to pin the crime on Father Kelly, he can't tell the truth.

The characters in "Confession" exist in the area between good and evil called "human nature." Luther isn't a bad kid; he's a troublemaker, but he also feels incredibly guilty. Father Kelly is a good priest, but he has some secrets that he doesn't want told. Robbie is a good kid, but he's easily manipulated. These flaws are not only what define the characters, but they also drive the plot. The characters in the film do not act for the sake of the story; they act because it is in their nature.

The acting is uniformly excellent. Chris Pine, who played Captain Kirk in the "Star Trek" reboot, is terrific as Luther. He's mischievous, but the fact that the police think that Father Kelly is the killer is driving him mad with guilt. Cameron Daddo is equally good as the aloof priest; he's a good man, but he's quiet and has a questionable past. Lukas Benkhan is not as good as the two leads, but he's still a guy who we can really feel for. He knows what Luther does is wrong, but Luther is so charismatic that he goes along until he's in way over his head. Peter Greene has the least developed part as the investigating cop, but he has an arresting presence.

Director Jonathan Meyers wrote this script when he was 14, and considering the complexity of it, that's a stunning achievement. This film was clearly shot on an extremely limited budget, but Meyers makes the most out of it, giving the film a unique look. The sense of atmosphere is strong, and the pacing is terrific. It allows the suspense to build, while also allowing the tragedy to stew. There's really only one flaw, and that's a beginning scene where a wealthy senator, after seeing the party, leaves in a huff. The scene is heavy handed, and is not well acted by Robert Pine (Chris's dad).

This film was not widely released, and that's a shame. Whatever you do, find this movie, and see it! You will not regret it!

My rating: PG-13 for some violence.

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