Come Dance with Me


Family / Romance

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Jane Moffat as Clarisse
Michelle Nolden as Christine
Mary Long as Jessica
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Movie Reviews

Reviewed by asinyne 8 / 10

nice romantic film

I enjoyed this movie very much and so did my wife. Its very romantic. The leading lady is very beautiful and moved gracefully. Perhaps the plot is nothing new but it worked for me. I also thought the lighting was very well done, especially in the dance studio scenes which certainly set the tone for the film. Andrew McCarthy is a fine actor and the movie suited his talents. There were times when things developed in a clumsy fashion but for the most part it sailed along in fine style. I'm not totally sure the chemistry between the two leads was dead on but the chemistry between me and Christine was awesome! This is a classy movie with a good cast and I give it a solid edge over most similar holiday fare...try it out!

Reviewed by edwagreen 10 / 10

Best-Come Dance With Me ****

Andrew McCarthy, though finally looking a little older, has never been better as far as this wonderful, endearing film goes.

He is the hot-shot in a business firm, successful and just about ready to marry the daughter of the boss. To impress them at their holiday dance, he takes dancing lessons and that's where the fun begins.

The more complications that come into the plot, the story just seems to get better and better. When the dance studio is threatened with eviction, McCarthy soon learns that his business is leading the way for this. He can't bring himself to tell the owner, his dance instructor, and besides the two beginning having a fond attachment for each other. You just wonder when she will find out who he really is. We know that has to happen since life follows a natural order. Yet, you don't care because the story between choosing love over wealth is forever endearing.

Reviewed by boblipton 8 / 10

The Feet Follow the Heart

Andrew McCarthy wants to marry the boss' daughter and secure his place in business. Her family has a tradition of ballroom dancing at Christmas. To impress her father and gain his approval, Andrew takes dancing lessons and falls in love with his instructor, Mary Long, in this superior Hallmark Christmas TV-movie.

Although the story sags occasionally from the minutiae of romantic comedy plotting, the heart of the movie, the self-realization that McCarthy comes to while learning how to dance and the growing relationship between him and his dancing partner is beautifully staged and performed, with a graceful camera caressing them as they move.

Howard Hawks was once asked how to make a great picture. He said "Three good scenes and no bad ones." This movie has those good scenes and more.

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